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Charcuterie Boards: Summer Party Favorite

Cheese boards are an art form that involves much more than throwing cheese and cracker on a plate and serving it to for no stress entertaining eats. You can load them up with all your favorite cheese, cured meats, fruit, nuts and spreads. Add some wine and baguettes and you have yourself a meal!


When putting to serve at least one cheese that people are familiar with.

Easy cheese combination options:

Aged: Aged Cheddar or aged Gouda

Firm: Parmigiano-Reggiano or Gruyère

Creamy: Brillat-Savarin or Brie

Crumbly: Chèvre (Goat cheese)

Blue: Gorgonzola or Stilton


This is another time to (fan favorite) and pate or chorizo.


Breads, crackers, chips, crisps, everything works! I like to decide. Crackers are a classic but grilled French bread is my favorite!


Fresh figs or sweet fig jam pairs nicely with creamy Brie. Add something acidic like olives or pickled veggies to a plate.

  • You can typically allot 2 oz. of cheese and charcuterie per person for appetizers. 5 oz. for a meal.
  • Serve a knife for each cheese so flavors don’t mix
  • Cheese is best served at room temperature. Remove cheeses from fridge 30 minutes before serving