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Dr. Antipov: We Have the Power to Bring Patients New Smiles and Confidence in One Day!

Dr. Antipov, you are a well-known specialist in implants and immediate teeth technologies in dentistry. What type of solutions are you providing for your patients in our community?
We love to work with the new All-on-4 Dental Implant and Teeth technology for restoration and implants. This technique has gained wide popularity due to the rapid and radical results for people who are suffering from tooth loss. There is a common myth that tooth loss is a problem that most commonly affects elderly people. However, at any age, partial or complete loss of teeth can occur and lead to a wide spectrum of serious health issues.
Wow, that technology seems like a life changer. Can you tell us more details? For instance, how long does it take tore a full row of teeth?
It certainly is life-changing. Implantation of “All-on-4″ quickly became the most popular procedure in our office. The implants are placed in special positions relative to each other: two in front and two on the sides. A temporary, non-removable prosthesis is immediately, rigidly fixed on the implants. The temporary prosthesis is made of lightweight materials and provides aesthetic and functional rehabilitation. Rather than taking months to heal, a patient can have the All-On-4 dental implants loaded at once. In the his to poor dental health and appearance is virtually unmatched. The almost 100% successful implantation rate plays an important role in the high demand for this type of procedure. Just imagine, on the day of surgery, the patient goes home with beautiful, non-removable teeth and after a few weeks can eat any food and smile!
Since you started your practice, you have seen thousands of patients who struggle with teeth loss. What are the most important things for those who are trying to keep their natural teeth and protect their gums?
I am personally a big supporter of a healthy lifestyle. That includes a nutritious, whole-food rich diet, daily physical activity, restful sleep, and mindfulness. Also, I would suggest everyone see their dentist every six months. It is much harder and pricier to a dentist’s office for a while. But even in the most complicated cases, my professional team can help anyone who is looking for a beautiful, natural smile!
What do you think about the common practice of patients traveling abroad to save money on dental implants? Is it worth it, in your opinion?
I believe that there are a lot of great doctors in every country. And of course, I understand people’s concern about high medical bills here in the US. But in my opinion, around 70% of those who decided to save money, will pay much more. This is because, most of the time, we are redoing and improving mistakes made by other doctors. In our office, we offer the ideal combination of price and quality. We are working with a full range of medical insurances. Additionally, we provide interest-free payment options. We use the best materials, and our highly professional team of assistants and patient coordinators go above and beyond so that patients feel comfortable at our friendly clinic.
Is there one patient whose case or outcome impressed you the most?
I can’t name just one patient. Every surgery and every client is different. I strongly believe in the personal approach to help people achieve a new smile. When I see happy and grateful clients, I realize how dramatically I can change someone’s life in just a few days. It is a true miracle.
How were you able to balance a busy, dental implant surgery practice with an entrepreneurial pursuit by growing your practice and creating an educational center for your patients?
The answer is simple: I’m a fan of my business. I am happy to come to give them not only a new smile but also regain their health. After all, our oral health affects our overall health. And, if we have rotten teeth and can’t chew our food thoroughly, we can’t hope for good physical health.
What is the “perfect smile” according to you?
The perfect smile is a healthy smile.
What is the best way to contact you and make an appointment?
We invite everyone to our Fusion Dental Implants center. You can call for a complimentary consultation and 3D image appointment at (916) 713-3303.
Otherwise, fill out a callback request from our patient coordinator on the website