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Dancing with the Grace: The Inspiring Journey of Julia Okropiridze

Julia Okropiridze is a talented dancer from Ukraine who has made a name for
herself in the world of ballroom dancing. With her grace, poise, and incredible technique, she has become a sought-after performer and competitor, winning numerous awards and accolades throughout her career.
Yuliia Okropiridze
Professional dancer and choreographer

- vice Champion of Eurovision dance contest (London, BBC)
- pro dancer DWS (Ukraine)
- top 30 dancer SYTYCD (Ukraine)
-3 place Dance your Azz off (Ukraine)
- pro dancer The Worlds got talent show (China)
- performer with top Asian and Ukrainian artists
- international master of sports
- Ukrainian 10 dance champion
- finalist of European dance championships
- finalist of American Dance Champions
- teaching experience with kids and adults 17 years

Julia began dancing at the age of 4 and quickly developed a passion for the art. She had a dream of becoming a professional dancer in Ukraine and trained a lot under some of the top coaches in the country.
- With my last partner Ilia Sydorenko, we participated in various championships, became finalists of the European Championship according to the European program and later decided to go to the selection for the Dance Eurovision, after which we won the selection and represented Ukraine in London at the Eurovision Dance Contest. On that day we took second place and at that time I was only 18 years old. - says Julia.
Just a few days later, the girl was invited to the Ukrainian TV show "Dancing with the Stars", where her partner was the Austrian singer, Manuel Ortega.
- It turned out that Manuel was rooting for his partner at the Eurovision Dance Contest, who represented her country there. Then he noticed me, and these days he is offered to participate in the show. He replied that he would come to Ukraine only if he danced with me.
After creating a family and the birth of a child, Julia takes part in the project "So You Think You Can Dance", where she gets into the top 30 best dancers in Ukraine.
- After that, in 2014, I was taken to the project "Big Dances", where my non-professional partner Evgeniy Lavrinov, who also became a record holder for weight loss thanks to our dance training.
Julia then went to China with her father, a jazz pianist and musician, giving various performances with their own band. A few years later, Julia took part in the show "The World's Got Talent", after which she performed as a backup dancer on the show of a famous Chinese artist.
-I came to America as soon as COVID-19 began. During that time, I was teaching at a popular dance studio. Now, I am doing creative dance shooting, mixing different styles of dance, I am planning to open a network of professional dance studios, where anyone, of any age, can find what he likes and discover the bright and boundless world of dancing!
I can't help but note that Julia Okropiridze will be one of the judges at the Miss California International 2024 contest, which will be her first participation in the panel of judges. Having experience in dancing and being the embodiment of femininity, we are sure that Julia will bring a wealth of experience to the competition!

Ukraine received "silver" at the dance "Eurovision"
18-year-old Yulia Okropiridze and 22-year-old Ilya Sidorenko took second place in the dance competition