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5 Reasons Why You Should Join The Military

Alan Urazov, a 26-year-old US Army Staff Sergeant, is sharing his incredible army experience and explaining why young people are attracted by the opportunity to serve in the American military.

Today, serving in the US Army is highly paid, prestigious, and a great honor. Any American citizen can be inducted into immigrants with permanent residency, who choose military service.

Alan, why did you choose to fulfil your potential.

When I was in high school, I didn’t have a clear vision of who I wanted to test myself. The army, in this sense, could become that place for me.

Alan, tell us where to join the ranks of the American army?

You will need to pass and a medical commission.

How are things with hazing in the American army? Should young people who want to serve in the US Army be afraid of this?

There is no hazing in the US Army. When a recruit enters the army, he is not singled out as an immigrant. He will also receive all the privileges like other recruits. In America, people are used to perform his duty and that’s it.

Alan, could you tell our readers about privileges that a soldier could receive in the military and what are the downsides of serving in the American military system?

As with any profession, there are always pros and cons. The main advantages, in my opinion, are guarantees of a job, a paid pension, and free medical insurance for the soldier and his family. In addition, we have the opportunity to get a free higher education and pursue after that in the career field.

There are not so many cons, in my opinion. One of them, for example, is that military personnel are often far from their families and their desire for a place of service is not always taken into account when decisions are made regarding deployment. Undoubtedly, the advantages that a soldier gets when he chooses his own path in joining the ranks of the American army clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Alan, now your rank is Staff Sergeant, how do you see your future? Do you have any plans to continue your military career in the army? Is this your calling?

I have big plans for the future, and the army provides excellent opportunities for this. In the near future, my plans are to get an education while continuing my career growth.

Thanks to work in a profession or open my own business.

Alan, there is a popular belief that soldiers serve 24/7. Can military service be equated with ordinary office jobs or is it different?

Of course there are situations where you need to build their careers in the US Army.

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