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Multicultural Business & Career Expo Gears Up for September 6th, Champions Economic Resilience Through Unity

At a time when collaboration and unity are more crucial than ever, the joint efforts of visionary leaders are making a profound impact on the economic landscape. In a unique partnership, Sergey Ivannikov, CEO of Russian American Media, John Kabateck, Former Director of External Affairs at the Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, President of Kabateck Strategies, California State Director of National Federation of Independent Business and Film Director and Showrunner Victor Migalchan are coming together to drive change, foster connections, and offer solutions during these uncertain times. The centerpiece of their collaboration is the Multicultural Business & Career Expo, an event that transcends barriers, celebrates diversity and provides a lifeline of opportunities to businesses, local communities, and governmental institutions.

In times of economic recession, it’s the power of unity that often leads to resilience and growth. This unique partnership unites individuals who share values, goals and a passion for making a difference. Sergey Ivannikov, with his extensive executive production experience, recognized the need to break down barriers that hindered businesses, government institutions, and communities from connecting effectively. John Kabateck’s long standing commitment to supporting businesses, combined with his political insight, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Victor Migalchan, an advocate for education and entrepreneurship, further contributes his expertise, having worked with the Fund for Economic Education as an ambassador since 2013. Recognizing the evolving trends in the modern world, Migalchan and Ivannikov founded the California LIVE Podcast, a media platform designed to unite communities, share resources, and open doors to opportunities.

At the heart of the trio’s collaboration is the Multicultural Business & Career Expo, an event that speaks volumes about the commitment to unity and prosperity. Scheduled for September 6th, 2023, in Downtown Sacramento, this event is more than just a typical business expo and job fair. In these challenging times, the expo acts as a conduit for fostering connections, creating opportunities, and igniting positive change.

The Expo stands as a beacon of hope for job seekers and businesses navigating the challenging economic landscape. With the participation of around 100 businesses and governmental institutions, attendees can explore a myriad of opportunities and job offers, whether in the private sector or government organizations. Simultaneously, it becomes a hub of resources for diverse communities, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers. But what sets this event apart is its emphasis on personal connections.

In the age of virtual interactions, the Multicultural Business & Career Expo recognizes the irreplaceable value of face-to-face interactions. The personal touch and the ability to read body language can often make all the difference. Attendees can engage in meaningful conversations, ask questions, and create lasting impressions with potential employers, mentors, and business leaders. This is particularly true for job seekers and businesses alike. While emails and Zoom calls have their place, they can lack the authenticity and warmth that come from shaking hands and sharing a genuine smile. In a world that’s increasingly digital, this in-person format offers a refreshing change, fostering human connections that resonate deeply.

California’s vibrant tapestry of cultures and languages serves as the backdrop for the Multicultural Business & Career Expo. Diversity isn’t just a buzzword here; it’s the heart and soul of the event. The expo stands as a testament to the fact that linguistic or cultural differences need not be barriers; rather, they can serve as bridges. The participants, speakers, and attendees represent a myriad of backgrounds, languages, and perspectives. When people from different walks of life come together, they bring a range of perspectives, experiences, and ideas that can spark innovation and drive positive change. It is through this diverse lens that attendees gain insights, share experiences, and collectively thrive.

The Multicultural Business & Career Expo is a platform for empowerment through knowledge. The speaker lineup features luminaries who have navigated the complexities of the business world, government institutions, and beyond. Notable figures such as John Kabateck, who brings his wealth of experience from his tenure as the California State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business, Heather Luzzi, the Head of the SBA Office in Sacramento, other governmental and business leaders will lend their voices to inspire and educate. Their speeches and insights provide attendees with valuable guidance, paving the way for success in their endeavors.

The joint efforts of Sergey Ivannikov, John Kabateck and Victor Migalchan go beyond the confines of a single event. These visionary leaders have recognized that by working together, they can create a positive ripple effect in the economy and society at large. Their shared commitment to promoting business, education, and financial literacy is exemplified by their newly founded media platform, California LIVE Podcast.

In the grand tapestry of economic growth, community empowerment, and innovation, unity forms the warp and weft. The Multicultural Business & Career Expo stands as a living example of what can be achieved when diverse minds collaborate with a shared purpose. As we look to the future, it’s partnerships like these that inspire hope and pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow.
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