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Teach Them To Fish In Amazon And You’ll Feed Them For A Lifetime. “Family X” Story

As I’m entering the stylishly decorated Russian Time conference room in Sacramento three and dive in.

You two look like you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth–beautiful, wealthy, happy, driven. Have you always been this way?

Mike: No, not at all! Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Tatyana and I come from very different environments, different families and countries even – she is from Ukraine and I’m from Russia. Before we met online 12 years ago, and even after I married her and came too, could live comfortably, doing things they enjoy.
Tatyana & Michail Kharitory at the Russian Time Magazine
I didn’t realize that there was science behind selling things on Amazon, that one needed to school for that. I thought it was just “make or buy something and sell it.” What am I missing?

Tatyana: No, one doesn’t really have to get the hang of it, but it works!

“A job is about selling your time for money. But time is a finite, extremely precious commodity, it should be spent doing what you actually like – raising your kids, helping others, travelling, buying nice things. Money is much easier to enjoy your life.” (Mike)

Oh, I believe you! But how do your students know you’re the real deal? Many people teach things they have no idea how to do themselves.

M (laughing): Very true! We’ve certainly met teachers like that, and that’s why we’re tougher times.

But doesn’t it ever get boring? Now you aced it, and then it’s just rinse and repeat?

Tatyana: Absolutely not! If you want to constantly master new skills! Just think of social media marketing alone – how much is changing every day. You gotta keep up, and that’s very exciting!

You see, we believe that non-sto everything – business success, happy life, happy community. This is what we teach our four kids.


Mike: Yes, we have four kids aged 5-18. Tatyana and I each have a daughter from a previous marriage, and our two little sons are our “joint venture.” So yes, one of the main principles we teach them is “think carefully before you act.” Analyze, calculate, consider the consequences. Never sto be the best role models we can be for them.

We strongly believe that if Tatyana and I came to really apply themselves.
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That’s wonderful and very wise. But I’m just curious, do you really believe that you can think your way to fulfillment?

Tatyana: No, of course there are many other parts that are equally, if not more important. Thinking is just the starting point. Kindness, compassion are things that we value tremendously, that we practice in our business and daily life. We are actively engaged in many charities, and we make sure that the kids understand the importance of social responsibility, of taking care of their community. Our children are the ones that make sure that homeless people around our office regularly get some kind of food. Ultimately, you know, money is great, work is great, but the joy is not in the money, it’s in the service. You have to the community, and I’m not talking only about the Russian-speaking community! As much as we can, we should make people’s lives better, uplift them. That’s key!

I can tell that you both are very dedicated, caring parents. How do you find time for parenting?

Mike: We make time, because this is the most important job we’ll ever have! If we don’t raise our children right, who will? What’s the point of having them then? I actually stoo late.

Tatyana: We never fight with our children, but we set very firm, consistent boundaries, and they understand that disobedience will have consequences: they may have their privileges taken away. They also know that once they fly the nest, we will not, ever, provide any help other than moral support. There will be no monthly allowance checks. So they better apply themselves, learn, so they can do well later in life. The proverbial “pouch of gold” will eventually run out, but the “clay tablets of knowledge” will carry them through!
“Every uneducated, under-nurtured child spells out our unfortunate future. Ignorant children will be to is “Don’t be greedy, don’t live just for yourself. Live for the good of the society!” (T)
Do you think anyone can just follow your approach and do well?

Mike: No, definitely not everyone. Those who are lazy and passive will never make it. Whatever knowledge and skills we may be sharing through our school, you still have to be practiced or you lose them.

Looking back, is there any advice you’d like to a younger version of yourselves?

Mike: Don’t waste time! Don’t blow through your life, it’s to do, do it RIGHT NOW. Right now is your life!