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Filmmaker Victor Migalchan Sets Sights on Changing One Million Lives: A Milestone in Creating a Positive Impact

Visionary filmmaker and showrunner Victor Migalchan has set an ambitious goal to impact and change the lives of one million people for the better. Through his engaging TV series, captivating documentaries, and thought-provoking films, Migalchan aims to promote education, unity, and family values while addressing societal issues. This milestone represents a significant achievement in his ongoing mission to create a positive impact in the world

Since the release of Season 1 of his “My American Family” TV series, which emphasizes family values and celebrates diverse cultures, Migalchan and his team have been actively working towards their goal. They have produced seven compelling TV shows, including four complete seasons and three pilots, as well as two documentary feature films. Each project aims to promote education in a practical and applicable manner while fostering unity and collaboration among communities.

With a strong belief in the power of high old-school values that are sometimes forgotten or neglected, Migalchan and his partners, including Edward Cologna, Cung Le, Sergey Ivannikov, and Chris Shelton, have devoted themselves to promoting these principles. He describes them as “all true, honorable men with high values, high standards, and kind hearts.” Talking about success, he added, “Success isn’t measured by how much money you made or what you possess, but by what you do for the community.”

When asked why he chose television as a medium for his endeavors, Migalchan highlighted the changing reading habits of people and the preference for content that is easily digestible. “Nowadays, people read less for many reasons. Many people prefer content, including short content; therefore, this is the way to deliver our motivation and message and empower those who need it,” he explained. By utilizing television, Migalchan aims to remove barriers to education that may have existed in the past.

The team is now working on a new animated educational TV series for kids, furthering their commitment to promoting education, cultural understanding, and personal development. By encouraging viewers to read, analyze, question, and develop critical thinking skills, they aspire to nurture a society of business-savvy individuals for a healthy economy.

In addition to television projects, Migalchan and Sergey Ivannikov have launched the California Live Podcast, an initiative focused on bringing communities together by developing joint projects and contributing to the betterment of their communities, ultimately benefiting the entire United States.

Migalchan also revealed their plans for future projects, including a new documentary that delves into the incredible life story of Mr. CC Yin and his organization, APAPA, which trains leaders in public and business domains. This documentary marks their third venture in the genre, following successful films on the life stories of legendary figures Cung Le and Jack McCauley. Additionally, they are in pre-production for a scripted drama feature and a documentary entitled “Heritage” about children of Holocaust survivors, further expanding their impactful portfolio. By sharing these stories, Migalchan hopes to foster learning, intergenerational connections, and the eradication of hate.

Furthermore, Migalchan teased a highly anticipated TV series with an in-depth story and high values. While the details are being kept under wraps for now, he assured it would be a strong, refreshing, and healing show for families. “All my works are PG, catering to families. We wish to bring them together and empower those in search of power and knowledge,” he stated. The series will touch upon various societal issues, including divorces, weak men, family conflicts, anxiety, depression, and suicidal attempts, providing a wealth of empowering content for men, women, and youth.

While specific release dates have been announced for “Hidden Gem of Silicon Valley (Jack McCauley Story)” (Summer 2023), “Life Academy” (October 2023), and “OnAir Talent Show” (November 2023), further updates on the TV series and other projects will be revealed in due course.

Looking beyond the initial goal of changing one million lives, Migalchan envisions the long-term sustainability and scalability of his efforts. “After reaching one million, I’ll go for one billion,” he confidently stated, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to making a lasting difference.