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A Moscow Photography Icon With A Global Following

She has a million followers on Instagram. Her works are an incredible combination of colors, styles, images, and details. Her artistic endeavor is always on the verge of reality and fiction. Her Instagram @hobopeeba talks about how Kristina Makeeva sees this world. But this interview shows what we can see and find in the soul of this talented person.

1. You got intography?

I have been taking photo an extent, the fate of my art and resulted in the creation of my Universes. Beautiful and as believable as possible.
2. The world of art, paintings by great artists, books, and films. What influences your taste as a photor the most?

For a photo see ordinary things beautifully.

Inspiration is important for any creative person. This is the state that appears suddenly, at the most inopportune moment, but makes a person feel emotionally uplifted and ready to surround myself with things that make me happy. The place I live at is full of all sorts of colorful and sparkly things; there’s also my cat, a red-haired regal feline who wins the hearts of the most avid dog lovers. His rug consists of scattered M&Ms. I surround myself with beauty, and I paint whatever I think isn’t bright enough.

For example, my car, my apartment, my furniture. It is not just pictures that me. There are also songs, poems, music, theater and, of course, people. People are the main source of positive energy, which I sublimate into simply get out of the city.

There are so many interesting things in the Moscow region: fields, farms, abandoned and not-so-much abandoned farmsteads, and flowers. Instagram, this well-known social network, has had a great influence on my life for the past four years. It is a great to get feedback is not just about satisfying my ego but also a great daily workout. It’s like with watercolors and other paintings.

The main thing is to this social medium have known me for a long time.

3. What do you wish you had known before you got intography?

I would probably have liked tographers.
4. How do you choose what tograph? How do you come up with images and outfits? Is there a final picture in your head or is it always an improvisation?

In fact, an idea can come up unexpectedly. Most often, this is the baggage of experience, books I’ve read, films I’ve watched, paintings, music, conversations, often other creative people – ballerinas, artists, actors, even brooch makers… Inspiration is literally everywhere. Sometimes nature provides you with such a picture you can’t imagine on purpose.

I often make up the composition after I photo get ready for the trip, create costumes, and perform auditions. It depends on the inspiration.

5. Which of your works (or series of works) is your favorite? Why?

I can’t say I have any favorite ones. I love every one of them since I put a part of my soul in each work, so they all are valuable to me.
6. Sites and weather conditions are definitely a decisive aspect of a good final picture. How do you deal with these unpredictable factors?

There is no bad weather for me.

7. You have very bright and incredibly colorful photo try a Black&White project?

Oh, no. I hate Black&White.

8. What are the three countries or places that you would immediately fly to if the quarantine and lockdowns ended?

They are England, Hawaii, and Japan.

9. What places in Russia would you recommend visiting to this country?

Baikal in the winter, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. Trite but true.

10. Was there any situation when some incident made you very upset but you’re grateful for it now?

When I was a teenager – around 16 years old – I started uploading my “masterpieces” tood what they meant. I am always like this: first, I get angry, then I learn.

11. What can easily make you lose your temper?

Lies and greed.

12. In one of your interviews you said that it is not worth going intography for the sake of making a profit. Why are you doing what you’re doing?

For the sake of interest. For the sake of those who tell me that I made their day a bit brighter and it wasn’t lived in vain.

13. What does the name of your Instagram mean – @Hobopeeba?

This is the name of the district NOVOGIREEVO, only read in letters of the Latin alphabet and with a feminine gender ending.

14. What does happiness mean for you?

Happiness is when you have no time to think about any kind of crap.