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A True Angel in Scrubs: “Once in a Lifetime” Documentary Chronicles Dr. Nasirov’s Life-Saving Mission

While the world often seems to be dominated by self-interest and personal gain, there are still heroes who dedicate their lives to selfless missions that bring hope and healing to those in desperate need. “Once in a Lifetime” is a documentary that tells the incredible true story of one such hero, Dr. Teimour Nasirov, and his mission to save lives around the world

Dr. Nasirov, a Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of Pediatric Heart Surgery at one of the world’s top universities (School of Medicine) and the Surgical Director of Pediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, is not your typical doctor. He’s a man with a mission, an angel sent by God, as described by the director of the documentary, Victor Migalchan.

The inspiration for “Once in a Lifetime” came from a deep admiration for Dr. Nasirov and his dedication to saving lives. Film Director Victor Migalchan and Sergey Ivannikov, the producer of the film, first revealed Dr. Nasirov’s story when they recorded an episode of their California LIVE Podcast. As they shared about Dr. Nasirov’s remarkable work and his unwavering commitment to his mission, they could not help but be moved by the true essence of a doctor who was not in it for the paycheck but for the pure purpose of saving lives. “I come from a family of true doctors, and when I met Dr. Nasirov, I felt the family—a true doctor on a mission,” Migalchan shares. Inspired by this, they decided to document his story and mission on the big screen.

Dr. Nasirov’s mission has taken him to numerous international locations, where he and his team have provided life-saving cardiac surgeries. The challenges they face are many, but their focus is always on making things happen. The conditions in these areas often pose severe difficulties, but Dr. Nasirov and his team thrive on challenges. As Victor Migalchan explains, “Conditions are always challenging, but we love challenges and this mission.” Aiming to provide attention to empower the cause, Migalchan adds, “Our focus is to create a great film, bring worldwide attention and help this mission. I’m sure that the world’s political and business elite will support this after they watch the film.”

Producer Sergey Ivannikov shared that the heart of this mission lies not just in Dr. Nasirov but also in the incredible team of professionals who support him. These dedicated individuals come together to ensure the success of life-saving surgeries. Although the executives could not provide specifics at this moment, the film will undoubtedly shed light on how this remarkable team was assembled and the vital roles they play.

One of the most poignant moments in Dr. Nasirov’s mission is when he delivers good news to families after a successful surgery. Saving more than 2,500 lives is a monumental achievement, and it’s these emotional moments that remind us of the true power of medicine and human compassion. As for the other memorable stories and moments, the audience will have to wait for the documentary to experience them.

Dr. Nasirov’s global mission is supported by Global Heart Care. This organization is at the forefront of this remarkable journey, working hand in hand with Dr. Nasirov to change the lives of those in need.

The heartwarming and inspiring documentary, “Once in a Lifetime,” is not just a story of a hero but a testament to the importance of cardiac surgery and the need for more professionals like Dr. Nasirov in the world. The power of this mission has already begun to gather attention, thanks to the California LIVE Podcast. However, Victor Migalchan and Sergey Ivannikov understand the immense potential of film and television in reaching a wider audience. They are committed to bringing the documentary to top festivals, media outlets, and TV platforms. Their goal is not only to inspire but also to compete for prestigious awards like the Emmy.

In a world where cynicism and despair often take center stage, “Once in a Lifetime” reminds us that there are still heroes among us. Dr. Teimour Nasirov and his dedicated team are saving lives, and their story is one that deserves to be shared with the world. With Victor Migalchan and Sergey Ivannikov’s dedication to this mission, the documentary promises to be an extraordinary cinematic journey, inspiring us to believe in the goodness that exists in our world and the incredible potential of the human heart.