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A glimpse of Sahara Desert in the heart of Nevada

The sun is getting low, hitting the rolling sand dunes creating the most spectacular dessert sunset. It’s getting late and my stop adrenaline rush. I take my shoes off, and a stream of sand pours out on the ground. There is sand everywhere! I find it in curious places.

I glance to Build. It’s a part of an exhilarating off-road adventure on sandy dunes of the Sand Mountain.

I look to find in the midst of the familiar scenery of Nevada. And yet, it exists, a two-mile long sand dune known as the Sand Mountain. It’s located 20 miles east of Fallon, Nevada and it looks like a glimpse of the Middle East. These sandy rolling hills create a perfect playground for off-road adventurists and make one of the most popular riding destinations in Nevada.

This recreation area is federal land administered by the Bureau of Land Management. Permits to buy a weekly pass. However, if you can visit Sand Mountain on Tuesday or Wednesday, the passes are free.

If you choose tons of time in transit.

People come to Sand Mountain more than satisfying!