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The Art of Beauty: Innovations and Trends in Modern Cosmetology

Finding a cosmetologist sometimes becomes an issue for many people. There are many specialists, but do they all keep up with the times, use new technologies and improve their skills?

One of the first things that every client should check is the education and skills of a specialist, work experience and appropriate education.

In January 2024, Silk Skin Lab opened its doors to new clients. The cabinet is located in Rocklin at 4240 Rocklin Road, Suite 1.

Kristina Vetrova and Aida Vagabova are two partners who have a successful operating salon in another country, and now decided to open a cabinet in Sacramento area. In addition to medical education, Vetrova has an economic education, and Vagabova has a legal education.

But the desire to work in the beauty industry prevailed, and they received medical education and international cosmetologist diplomas in Europe. They confirmed their skills in America and received licenses to work in California.

Silk Skin Lab works with the newest technologies. They offer hardware facial and body care. One of the newest technologies for body correction is endospheres therapy.

This is an Italian technique for combating excess weight and body measurements. The massage is done with a special attachment with 55 rollers, which creates vibration and works deeply into the body tissue. The compression effect is ensured by the weight of the manipula. This simultaneous effect on problem skin gives a pronounced lymphatic drainage effect, removes toxins, excess fluid, relieves swelling, destroys fat cells and cellulite.
Unlike devices that were popular before the endospheres, such as LPG massage, the endospheres has virtually no contraindications and there is no risk of harming the vascular network, as in cases of working with previous generation devices.

“We are happy to introduce Endospherotherapy to the residents of Sacramento, since we are one of the first to provide this service,” Silk Skin Lab cosmetologists say.

Silk Skin Lab offers six sessions for $660 and 12 sessions for $1,200 for 45 minutes each. They believe that manual massage is effective for health and the back, but when it comes to excess weight, cellulite and skin imperfections, the hardware technique is more effective.

The second facial care device has been around for a long time, and this is a HydraFacial. It gained its popularity after many Hollywood stars began using it for facial care, which is why this cleansing is often called the “Hollywood facial”.

Unlike mechanical cleaning, the treatment with the HydraFacial device is multi-stage and consists of several stages, such as: ultrasonic cleaning, microdermabrasion, vacuum cleaning, LED mask, ultraphonophoresis, microcurrent, RF lifting, cryotherapy, as well as non-injection mesotherapy. The advantages of this cleaning and care are painlessness, safety, versatility (the procedure is suitable for any age), multitasking, efficiency, and most importantly, it does not require a rehabilitation period. After the treatment, the skin looks great immediately.