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A Glamorous Celebration of Success, Beauty and Talent

On November 4th, Council For Cross Cultural Affairs hosted one of the most significant events in the local Slavic community: The Best by Russian-Speaking Community Business Awards Ceremony featuring Miss Ukraine California Grand Finale.

The purpose was to provide recognition experts from different industries based in California.

The event was organized with the kind support of the RAM, Slavic American Chamber of Commerce, Slavic Community Center of Sacramento, and Albedo Arts Community.
“Tonight’s celebration is bittersweet for me. On the one hand, we can honor businesses, that made it through tough times, and the individuals who helped make it happen. On the other hand, it is hard to celebrate knowing that my own people are killing and being killed; that the two countries I identify myself with - are at war. While I can’t stop this tragedy from happening, I can do what is within my power - to stand against tyranny and support of those being oppressed” - said Sergey Ivannikov in his opening remarks.