A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of conversations he or she had to achieve his or her aim.

– Tim Ferriss, an American writer

People often ask me: “Sergey, how can I become successful? What marketing tools should I preferably use for my business? What mistakes should I avoid?” If you think that I have a universal formula or a simple secret of success you will be disappointed. Every person’s success is purely his story which can include everything: ups and downs, joys and disappointments leading to the eventual victory.

Yet there is one factor which helped me 25 years ago and continues to help me now, even though technologies are developing in an unbelievable tempo.

No doubt, keeping your finger on the pulse and not being behind the time is important. So, if your business is not represented online and in social networks, it means that it does not exist at all. May be, you would be an authority or an expert for a narrow circle of your close friends and connected persons, but for a large number of people your activity will be under lock and key, which respectively will negatively influence competitiveness and quantity of customers.

If you need assistance in it, write to Russian American Media and our experts will offer you a detailed plan of promotion in Internet.

Now back to an important factor which was actual even in times when nobody knew about iPhones and routes were tracked on maps but not in GPS. It is personal communication. It is communication and personal contact which allow to conclude long-term contracts, find a way to contact people in most complicated situations. It is interesting that that 86% of millionaires from Forbs’s list are solidary with me, as they think that it is impossible to achieve significant heights in life without development of communication skills.

“What should I begin with?” you will ask. Very soon, on November 4, you will have a unique opportunity to become a part of one of our biggest events – Best of the Best in Slavic California whereat the Russian American Media team will hand out awards to the best businesses and successful leaders of the Californian region.

By the way, the voting is in full swing already, so upon clicking on link you will be able to give your vote to the business which is the best in your opinion and provides the first-class service for their customers.

We invite you to the event wherein successful businessmen, politicians, representatives of banks, clinics, automotive industry, insurance companies and charity organizations will take part. Such gathering of prominent people is a perfect opportunity to initiate the right connections, get acquainted with strategically important persons and make a name.

An exquisite dinner from seven dishes cooked by famous cooks from Hannibal’s Catering, an interesting entertainment program and the final competition The Miss Ukraine California Beauty will be a brilliant supplement to the gala party.


From our childhood we heard the proverb that silence is gold, yet in today’s circumstances it is much more productive to be communicable and to structure relation with people, but not to wait when people will get interested in you.

By phone 916-299-1777 you may get to know about availability of tickets to our grand ceremony Best of the Best in Slavic California.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor of this event, have a personal contact with me by phone 916-519-6461.




Sergey Ivannikov

is the Founder & CEO of Russian American Media, a significant and diverse multimedia company serving the Russian-Speaking community of California, and is a successful entrepreneur well known and respected by the Slavic immigrants of the United States.

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