What benefit will participation in the Multicultural Business & Career EXPO bring for my business?

Multicultural Business & Career EXPO offers a unique opportunity to expand the horizons, as well as personally meet the leaders of communities, representatives of the government and governmental agencies, owners of the companies and representatives of charity organizations. This event also offers an opportunity for the employers to tell about job openings with potential candidates for work positions.
Entrepreneurs and those who are just about to start their own business will be able to find out about the wide array of special programs on business financing, available grants and possible crediting on the most beneficial terms. In addition, business owners will be able to receive a step-by-step guide, which explains how to obtain public contracts and cooperate with government entities.

Who are the organizers of the Multicultural Business & Career EXPO?

The Multicultural Business & Career EXPO is organized by the Council for Cross Cultural Affairs supported by Russian and American Media, the Slavic Community Center of Sacramento, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, Kabateck Strategies, APAPA, Sacramento 365, Slavic-American Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento Asian Chamber of Commerce, Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce and other local Chambers of Commerce.

Who is going to take part this year? Whom can I meet at the Multicultural Business & Career EXPO? What organizations and representatives?

Every year both large American corporations and government agencies, and small businesses and non-profit organizations take part in the Multicultural Business & Career EXPO. We invite more than one hundred entities open for work and collaboration with our people. We pay special attention to the exposition stalls which will be most relevant and useful for them.

Will there be an opportunity for the visitors of the Multicultural Business & Career EXPO to obtain information about job openings and meet the employers?

One of the sectors will be dedicated to everyone who needs help in finding employment. Regional medical offices, hospitals, as well as such well-known American companies as SMUD, AT&T, Wells Fargo, the Police Department, local restaurants and various employment agencies will provide job vacancies for our visitors! It may seem strange, but to work for the Sheriff’s Department, for example, a candidate is required only to have a high school diploma and a knowledge of Russian and English—and the salary starts from $5,000 per month! Despite the fact that most of the entities accept resumes online, we strongly recommend that you bring your resume with you and personally meet HR representatives of the companies responsible for hiring.

Will I be able to receive information about Real Estate?

The real estate sector will also be presented at the Multicultural Business & Career EXPO. Everyone will be able to find out the latest news in this market and the possibilities of profitable financing (refinancing) of their own real estate properties. Also, you can meet bankers and organizations offering real estate private financing. Highly specialized contractor builders will advise and help to build or remodel your “sweet home”.

Will any education institutions, schools, colleges, and universities participate in the event?

Another large and equally important sector at the Multicultural Business & Career EXPO will be the education sector, dedicated to universities, colleges, and technical schools. Surely, everyone who is interested in obtaining a high-quality and specialized education should take a closer look at the learning conditions that will be offered by the leading educational institutions of our region. Find out the most relevant information on the most popular industries and jobs in the labor market.

Here you can also learn how to get an evaluation of your diploma and continue education in this country without losing the credits you have received.

What medical organizations are to take part in the exposition?

The Multicultural Business & Career EXPO guests can learn a useful information about medical programs, insurance plans and open vacancies from the leading clinics and medical offices of the region. Each one of you will be able to ask different questions to experts in the fields such as: dentistry, orthodontology, implantology, cosmetology and beauty medicine, and to discuss with the experts the varieties of medical insurance plans.

Can I learn more about the immigration process?

Certainly! Experts in the field of immigration to USA will answer any questions related to obtaining or accelerating your immigration status, as well as inviting your relatives or friends to the country.

Will I be able to get information about wedding or event arrangement?

Separate sector of our Multicultural Business & Career Expo will be dedicated to wedding and special events services. You will obtain information from A to Z regarding any event planning & arrangements, considering different tastes, scales and budgets!

What other exciting things will be during this the Multicultural Business & Career EXPO?

The guests of the annual Multicultural Business & Career EXPO will be able to receive many gifts, souvenirs and participate in prize drawings provided by the organizers and sponsors of the exposition, such as Mikuni Sushi, Scott’s Seafood on the River, Broderick, Baylight Limousine & Transportation and many others. We hope to meet you personally at this interesting event.

How many people have already been registered?

More than one thousand people have registered to attend this event. We remind once again that the entrance to the Multicultural Business & Career EXPO is free, and all you need to do is simply register at the following link:

What does Multicultural mean? What is so special about this event?

For 25 years our organization has been dealing with building of bridges between our multinational cultures. We invite representatives of different nationalities, residing in the region, to Multicultural Business & Career EXPO. Organizations such as NFIB Small Business Association, Sacramento 365, APAPA, Slavic-American, Sacramento, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Rancho Cordova Chambers of Commerce, and many other partners participate and support the Multicultural Business & Career EXPO.

How often did the Multicultural Business & Career EXPO take place? Is this the annual event?

Multicultural Business & Career EXPO has been successfully held annually for 12 years.

Where will the exposition take place?

Address: TOWN & COUNTRY EVENT CENTER, 11354 White Rock Rd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742.

Date: Wednesday, September 7, 2022 Timing: from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.
Free entrance and parking area with online registration:

How much does participation cost?

We offer FREE entrance and parking area, all you need to do is log in online clicking the following link:
If you are interested in presentation of your business or goods at Business & Career EXPO, please log in here: or contact us on the phone number: (916 ) 519-6461, email: We provide discounts for veterans, non-profits and members of Chambers of Commerce.



Sergey Ivannikov

is the Founder & CEO of Russian American Media, a significant and diverse multimedia company serving the Russian-Speaking community of California, and is a successful entrepreneur well known and respected by the Slavic immigrants of the United States.

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