Slow-Fashion And Trends For Spring/Summer 2022


The pandemic has changed the way we think about fashion. At first, it made us switch to loose and comfortable clothing. But after a year and a half of watching the world falling apart while being stuck in loungewear at home, basic styles got boring. This is why the new spring-summer 2022 collections are so refreshing! Fashion designers came up with incredibly bright and emotional collections, which come across as a celebration.

Feathers, sequins, fringes, and satin lapels on jackets, reminiscent of a tuxedo, gold, and velvet fabrics – all these dominate formal outfits. This season is also marked by a revival of the disco era and a reference to the 70-80’s in the collections of Fendi, Saint Laurent, inspired by the cult New York club “Studio 54,” reigned by glamour, luxury and freedom of self-expression. The collections of Blumarine, Miu Miu, Balmain, Dolce&Gabbana brought back the style of the 2000s with it’s low-cut, belted-skirts, tank tops, belts embellished with huge buckles or decorated with rhinestones. There is a manifestation of femininity, sexuality and elegance, something that we have been hiding for so long under the cozy outfits while working from home.

I am a big supporter of the slow-fashion movement, a smart and conscious approach to clothing and accessories. Here are several long-playing slow fashion trends for a functional and stylish closet.

Photographer: Nika Gorbushina, Instagram @nika_gorbushina

Office Style.

People missed dressing up for work during pandemic. That’s why there was an abundance of business attire on the podiums during the last fashion shows. Pantsuits got special attention. Their versatility makes them perfect for a day at the office, a date night, or even a party. Jackets come in a variety of styles, from masculine cuts to fitted or cropped silhouettes. A perfect summer variation is a jacket with short sleeves and bermuda. Business-style dresses are also trending. Bodycon dresses, dresses-jackets, dresses-shirts, paired with a pair of heels or platform shoes are especially in style this season.

Photographer: Nika Gorbushina, Instagram @nika_gorbushina

Mini length.

The usual midi length is being replaced by a mini. Skirts and dresses from new collections stand out not only because of the daring lengths, but also because of their bright colors and prints. Tops with wide straps and cropped tops with puffed sleeves pair well with mini skirts. You can also combine a mini skirt with an oversize shirts or t-shirt shirt to tone it down and make it look more appropriate.

Photographer: Nika Gorbushina, Instagram @nika_gorbushina


Crochet never really went out of style, but this season it’s totally in. Crochet clothing has a beautiful, airy texture that makes it perfect for warm months. Crochet dresses, skirts, and mesh tops that could be worn over tank tops or shirts are perfect for a day at the beach or in the city alike.

Photographer: Nika Gorbushina, Instagram @nika_gorbushina


Color blocking technique mixes several bold and often contradictory colors together to make an exciting statement piece. This season color blocking extends beyond mixing colors to combining different fabrics and textures, creating more interesting, bold images. This hot trend offers a great excuse to add bright pieces to your closet.

Photographer: Nika Gorbushina, Instagram @nika_gorbushina


The combination of different shades of the same color stretches the silhouette and makes it look slimmer. Monochrome style always looks expensive and presentable, especially if it combines a few different shades and textures. This trend emphasizes simple cut, attention to details and soft lines perfect for those who like to wear timeless pieces. Here are a few trendy color patterns that create a perfect tonal look.

Basic colors:

  • Saturated blues and Bottega greens
  • Citrus shades, such as lemon yellow and mandarin
  • Total black and total white
  • A combination of red and fuchsia
  • Azure, lavender and soft pink
  • Prints: check, stripes, tiger and floral prints.

I always advise my clients to not chase all trends at once. Fashion changes from season to season; don’t impulse shop. Instead, get inspired, analyze and discern fashion trends, learn to choose the ones that match your unique style and mood.  After all, only exceptional items should have a place in your closet. Visit me at for more ideas on fashion trends and slow fashion. It will be my pleasure to be your personal stylist!



Sasha Potapova

Sasha Potapova is a personal stylist and a strong advocate of slow fashion, a viral trend that is taking over Europe and the U.S. Slow Fashion is all about higher quality items made of sustainable materials following fair trade practices, minimizing waste, and making great use of resources. Sasha’s specialty is creating stylish, functional wardrobes that feature exceptional pieces designed to last.

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