Why Money Makes People Unhappy


“It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.”
George Lorimer

Although the vast majority of people are convinced that money makes people happy, it is not always so. In most cases, money is a surprisingly bad thing, especially when it comes to making people satisfied with their life. At this point, it is critical to mention that the moment people escape the trap of poverty, they stop valuing even simple things that traditionally make people happy. Do you have clothes, food, and accommodation? You should be happier than 70% of the people around. However, in most instances, the richer people are, the less satisfied they become with their lives.

If you have always been convinced that money equals pleasure, it is time you came to terms with the truth: it does not. Just imagine the situation where you strive to learn to play the guitar. At the initial point, you are convinced that when you get the desired skill, you will be 100% happy. Nonetheless, when you learn a few chords and can play simple melodies, you get dissatisfied with the current achievements and want to get better. The tendency continues every single time you reach the desired results. The same happens with money; when you can afford anything you want, you lose your purpose which is critical for a life filled with happiness and satisfaction.

There is hardly anyone who has never heard the statement, “money cannot make people happy”. Unfortunately, there are many people who try to contradict the statement and claim that the moment they get the desired amount of money, they will become 100% happy. However, even if you earn as much money as you need to cover all your desires, you may still feel confused and dissatisfied. Is it even possible to explain this dilemma?

Money will not make you happy until you find happiness in simple everyday things. Just stop comparing yourself to other people and you will be pleased with everything that happens in your life, and the financial situation will not matter.

Success Is Relative, Money Is Temporary

Once you have bought a new home, got a fancy car, or purchased something that you’ve always dreamt of, you should get happier. To tell the truth, such things will surely please you and make you happy, but this state of bliss will not last long since it does not necessarily depend on material things. Instead, your feelings and self-esteem matter more, because the moment you realize that you have everything you’ve dreamt of, you will become miserable in your own eyes again.

If you are convinced that money cannot make people unhappy, here are some things you should definitely think of:

  • Jobs make people feel bad. Sometimes, in an effort to earn a lot of money, people compromise their interests and choose professions they do not like. This way, they have everything necessary for a comfortable life, but they find it unrewarding and unsatisfying;
  • People have to spend money on things that cannot make them happy. In the overwhelming majority of instances, people make the maximum effort to earn a decent living. However, none of them wants to spend money on trivial things that do not bring much pleasure. Do you want to look unique, drive an exclusive car, and relish unforgettable vacations? You will have to work even harder to achieve the desired result, but in the end, the result will not be worth the effort. All the emotions you get will be temporary and won’t last forever;
  • The desire to succeed makes people take out numerous loans. Although most are passionately waiting for the moment they win the jackpot and become rich in a matter of seconds, they have to work hard to earn a living. At the same time, the burning desire to look respectful makes them resort to loans and purchase big things and little accessories that may potentially contribute to their reputation.

These are only a few factors that may explain why money does not usually make people happy. In fact, this list is individual and depends mainly on the way you think and perceive reality. If you view money as the way to stay free and independent, there is a chance you can stay happy. But if you consider it to be the only thing that brings pleasure, you are the unhappiest person in this world.


The Happy Planet Index ranked the following countries as happiest using ecological footprint and wellbeing as major factors: 1) Costa Rica; 2) Mexico; 3) Colombia; 4) Vanuatu; 5) Vietnam; 6) Panama; 7) Nicaragua; 8) Bangladesh; 9) Thailand; 10) Ecuador.

1 HOUR. That’s the optimal amount of time to spend on your phone each day to be your happiest, according to a study of one million teens.

Hawaii, the 50th state to join the U.S., ranks number one in happiness, says a study. But it’s not all about sunshine and pineapples: the next happiest states, in order, are Maine, Nevada, Utah, and Vermont.

150 beats per minute. This is the perfect song tempo to lift your mood, according to researcher. Listening to a fast beat triggers feel-good vibes whenever you need a burst of joy.

45% of all emojis sent are happy face emojis. An analysis of more than a billion emojis found that smileys are by far the most popular, with sad faces and hearts a distant second and third.

A marriage where a husband earns less than his wife is more likely to end in divorce.

A Gallup poll showed that 6-7 hours of socializing daily results in the highest level of happiness for people.

Money could equal happiness, at least up to earning $75,000 annual salary, the cap that puts the widest smile on the face of the average Joe and Jane. People who earn less tend to face hardships in life.

6 simple suggestions for a happier life:

  • Invest in personal relationships
  • Commit to meaningful goals
  • Take care of your body and soul
  • Live in the present
  • Practice gratitude and positive thinking
  • Learn coping strategies



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