Traveling is one of the most impressive experiences that not only broaden one’s horizons, but also help to discover new things, see fascinating places, and get long-lasting impressions. When it comes to Ukraine, there is an unlimited number of cities you can visit, but Kyiv remains the top destination.

What makes the city so popular? Is it affordable? Can you find something impressive that will leave a long-lasting impression? In fact, there are an unlimited number of factors that contribute to the popularity of Kyiv as a traveling destination.

First of all, Kyiv is one of the oldest and the most impressive cities in the Eastern Europe. The capital of Ukraine was founded 1,500 years ago. Rich history, interesting culture, and a plethora of other factors make the place highly appreciated among tourists all around the globe.

Kyiv is not only one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, but also one of the largest ones. Due to the rapid development of the economy, the business activity of the city has grown by leaps and bounds. A number of banks, office centers, and trade facilities that is impossible to even estimate have sprung up in the last 30 years.

Top 5 Most Impressive Facts about Kyiv

Although tourism is not as popular in Ukraine as in other countries, Kyiv is the city that will never leave you indifferent. If you still doubt whether you want to go to Kyiv or not, here are five interesting facts that may convince you to make the right choice:

  • The first people appeared on the territory of Kyiv over 15,000 years ago;
  • Kyiv was the first capital of Kyiv Rus;
  • In 988, Kyiv became the center of Russian Christianity;
  • Territorially Kyiv is fifty times the size of London and ten times the size of Paris;
  • An unofficial symbol of Kyiv is chestnut, as there are many fascinating chestnut trees blossoming in the area.

Main Reasons to Visit Kyiv

Are you excited to learn all these facts about the city? Do you want to see everything with your own eyes? Impressive sites and historical spots are not the only things worth visiting. Vibrant atmosphere and unforgettable memories are factors that contribute a lot to it.

No matter if you are an experienced traveler or it is the first time you head on a tour around Kyiv, you will get an opportunity to find a spot you’ll love. Still unsure? Look through the list of reasons that make Kyiv a worthy destination:

  • Long and impressive history. A lot has happened in recent years, but the history of the city is much longer and more impressive. As the city was founded at the beginning of the 5th century, its streets and squares are filled with history, culture, and traditions. Therefore, even a single tour around the city will help you discover the area much more, as every detail will reveal a lot about the city;
  • Fantastic churches. According to reviews by experienced tourists, golden dome churches impress them very much. You will not have to spend much time searching for another admirable church as they are all around the place;
  • Eye-catching architecture. Apart from ancient churches and buildings, Kyiv offers a plethora of other attractions and areas that will keep you impressed during the trip and long after. If you have never been to Kyiv, Khreschatyk street is the place you will definitely love. The area is precious not only for its historical value, but also architectural significance. Additionally, there are an unlimited number of other places that will keep you impressed and excited. Just remember the Motherland Monument, and you will understand what people are talking about;
  • Magnificent street art. At the same time, it is critical to acknowledge that Kyiv is not about history and culture only. It is a unique combination of things modern and ancient, history and architecture that merge and leave a long-lasting impression;
  • A variety of authentic cafes and restaurants. If you have finally made up your mind to head to Kyiv, you just need to know there are incredible places to eat that will keep you full of energy and strength throughout your tour. Do not miss your chance to relish traditional Ukrainian cuisine: Borscht with garlic fritters, vareniki, okroshka, potato pancakes, Chicken Kyiv, as well as European, American, and Eastern cuisine in the best restaurants of the capital of Ukraine;
  • Diversity that makes it exclusive. Kyiv is truly the city of contrasts – wealthy and poor, beautiful and plain-looking, old and new. On the one hand, its historic and architectural places excite people; on the other hand, its modernity, style, and uniqueness keep it extremely interesting. Consequently, people of all ages will find something inspiring about this wonderful city.



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