On the photo: Marietta Saribekyan
Senior Marketing Director at World Financial Group

Marietta, over the past couple of years since your immigration to the United States, you have built a rip-roaring career here and helped hundreds of people to become financially independent. What would you advise those who have just moved to America and are trying to find themselves?

Certainly, any move presupposes stress, especially the move to America, where the pace of life is many times faster than in the countries we are from. You know, probably, the most important advice I would give is to conquer your fear. It is the biggest paralyzing factor, which can destroy a person alone. For me, fear and faith in God cannot be combined, because faith in God implies confidence that all the situations you have in your life are in fact for a good cause and necessary for your spiritual growth. That is why, in order to realize yourself in the States, you need to trust the world and try to surround yourself with the right people who will inspire and motivate you to grow and develop. 

Being financially independent is probably every person’s dream. Marietta, tell me how do you help people, and what is your main goal?

Yes, everyone strives for financial independence because money is a tool that helps other people to be free and independent in their life choices. That is why our goal is to help one million people to become financially independent. We have a clearly defined plan that we put into practice every day. And the happy smiles of OUR clients and their gratitude help us and motivate us to grow and move forward with redoubled force!

Do you think education is equal to success or is this connection not so relevant these days?

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally because education differs, and everyone has their own success. Personally, I am convinced that education is not a synonym to success. Moreover, financial awareness of people leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately our school system doesn’t educate us on how money can work for us, not us for money; how we need to protect our income and liabilities and also build net worth as assets. Of course, peace of mind comes to us by knowing that we are not living paycheck to paycheck by creating multiple courses of income. Which in my opinion is the biggest challenge right now. This is why our organization is so passionate about providing financial literacy for families by creating for them peace of mind. As Napoleon Hill once said: “The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge”. That is why I love my business so much because when I constantly teach people and show them new opportunities to earn, I get incomparable pleasure!

Every day you meet, consult and teach new people. Are there any criteria that tell you that a person will or will not be successful in business?

I am convinced that everyone, absolutely everyone can become successful. And the key to success is a growth mindset and passion about serving people. In anything we do we grow and contribute by serving others and this is the only way to success. Our world needs leaders, that is why we are committed to build an army of leaders who can lead people to a better life!

Another important point the success of any person depends on is the ability to take responsibility for oneself and set up priorities. It is like a foundation, without which it is impossible to build a house. The ability to focus on important things and correctly distribute your strength, write down your goals and plan ahead are the qualities that are inherent in all successful and developing people!

What would you recommend to the younger generation of women leaders who dream of being successful both in family and in business?

You know, my personal example convinced me that the power and strength of a woman are almost limitless! I do believe in the power of women, in our huge potential, in the ability to be “multifunctional” and feel and find the right solutions intuitively. If we want it, we can do everything. But we have to remember that femininity and wisdom are incredibly important qualities without which you are unlikely to find happiness in your personal life. Go for it, love life, don’t be afraid of anything, and let all the wildest dreams and plans come true for everyone who is reading these lines!



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