1. The sourdough baguette 

Trader Joe’s sourdough baguettes are delivered every morning freshly baked, and they’re perfect for sandwiches. I personally like to use it to make grilled cheese or garlic bread. The quality loaf is just $2.49.

2. The Fruitful Medley

At $3.69, the mixed-fruit container with grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe, and melon is fresh, affordable, and keeps me from snacking on processed foods throughout the day.

3. Freeze Strawberries

I love putting dried strawberries in my oatmeal, cereal, or even salads. They taste like candy, but there’s no added sugar. They’re $3.49 a bag, and I usually grab two.

4. The five-layer dip tastes homemade

Trader Joe’s five-layer dip is perfect for any party, and I usually pair it with the corn dippers. For $4.99, the dip includes sour cream, black-bean hummus, mixed Mexican cheese, pico de gallo, and guacamole. 

5. Frozen mac and cheese

I promise you won’t find another frozen mac and cheese that’s as good as Trader Joe’s hatch-chile variety. I prefer to make it in the oven, but you can easily cook the filling meal in the microwave. It’s super flavorful and all for $2.99. 

6. Grana Padano cheese

Trader Joe’s has an amazing collection of artisanal cheeses, but this imported Parmesan is absolutely divine. I love adding it to salads and on top of pizzas. The price depends on the weight of the cheese, but I tend to pick up blocks in the $5 range.

7. Dark-chocolate peanut-butter cups

The dark-chocolate peanut-butter cups are the perfect dessert. There’s a larger container in the dessert aisle, but I like to pick up the smaller, $0.99 bag of individually wrapped cups near the checkout stands. 



Olga Garicichina

Russian Time Magazine Assistant Editor Editor@RussianAmericanMedia.com

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