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Planning on the full remodeling of your kitchen this year and don’t have a clear idea of what design ideas are trending at the moment? 
If you’ve decided to invest in a minor or major kitchen reno, keep these fresh ideas in mind as we kick off the new year.

Sergey Rovsky, American Dream Kitchen president, will talk through the recent trends and the ways to assemble a fashionable kitchen and not lose a fortune!

1. Kitchen Designs 
The design of the modern kitchen is dominated by neutral colors and natural textures, such as the wide range of wood shades, stone gray, pastel shades of green. Calm white is also trending, so It comes as no surprise that traditional all-white kitchens will remain popular, they are never out of style.


2. Smart practical storage is the key.
Well-designed, integrated storage can be a savor for the aesthetic of your kitchen, specifically hidden pantries, in-built larders, and lift-up cabinets. Clever storage solutions support multi-use kitchens and can be implemented even in a very tiny area.

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3. Trending Colors 
White is in favor, as is blue navy and shades of green. Kitchen colors range from warmer cream tones to soft bursts of color this year. Warm tones complement gold-toned elements and decorative hardware. Greige and beige is here now to warm up the undertone of a cool gray. Two-toned kitchens skyrocket in 2021. Well-matched colors will transform the kitchen and make it look refined, elegant, and stylish.


4. Kitchen Cabinets Styles – Shake it up!
Clean and simple shaker-style cabinets are rising. They are characterized by elegance and practicality and have flat doors composed of recessed panels. A more streamlined, modern look is in demand these days, especially in open-concept kitchens. On top of that matte and brushed finishes now are really catching on!

American Dream Kitchen

5. Countertops With Character
Quartz is here to stay – low maintenance and high durability making it an excellent choice for kitchen countertop. Also as a man-made material, it gives a fair degree of uniformity in textures, tones, and veining and can be customized to any pattern, color you prefer. At the same time, natural stone is unique in design and will ideally fit into any kitchen if the budget allows.

6. Kitchen Island – going on a new level
The star of the kitchen island took off last year and keeps rising to now.  It means more prep space and more storage opportunities with cabinetry at the bottom. It is also a warm family spot where everyone can get together excited with final dinner preparations. Also, the waterfall island countertop is a gorgeous and creative kitchen trend.


7. Single Material Backsplash 
Well-chosen material for a kitchen backsplash can save any interior. Our choice is stone slabs instead of individual pieces! Slabs are a very different approach with their subtle color and their unique variation in veining for stunning aesthetic appeal. The design choices are limitless. When the same material is used for the countertop, it creates an especially big, bold look.


8. Flooring 
Full kitchen renovation is a big deal, therefore we recommend considering floor replacement, too. Among recent floor trends, we’d choose those that look sharp and modern. Such as Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) – flooring looks like real wood and stone but provides many more practical benefits. Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) – flooring is known for being 100% waterproof with unparalleled durability.


9. Eco-friendly kitchens are a strong trend that is becoming a lifestyle nowadays. Choosing sustainable materials, optimizing your food storage, utilizing environmentally friendly energy-saving appliances, and sink garbage disposals are great upgrades for your kitchen without harming the environment.


10. Mixed Materials. 
Mixed materials create diversity in a kitchen. Imagine – a marble countertop, dark timbers, wooden cabinets, vinyl floors. Many of these materials go well together, also creating a sophisticated and engaging look.

Kitchens have never worked harder, as we spend more time at home than ever before – and use the space to adapt to a new way of living. The kitchen has become the most multifunctional and used room of any house. Investing in any element of the kitchen can prove invaluable, for both while you live in your home but also when it comes to adding value for resale. Be inspired to make the right style choices for your home, and trust professionals such as American Dream Kitchen! Enjoy a pleasant 10% discount for your kitchen remodeling using the RAM10 promo code now!

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Sergey Rovsky

President American Dream Kitchen

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