As summer enters the home stretch, we’ve rounded up these sizzling freebies.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, we’ve rounded up these sizzling freebies for August.

From complimentary MLB.TV to free nasal strips and french fries, we’re bringing you some of the best offers available in August.

1. Free national parks — Aug. 25

Admission to America’s national parks will be free on Sunday, Aug. 25, in honor of the anniversary of the establishment of the National Park Service. The National Park Service comprises more than 400 places, most of which do not charge entrance fees at any time. Those that normally charge admission will waive that cost on Aug. 25.

2. Free sinus rinse product — ongoing

Seeking a sinus solution that is simple and affordable? NeilMed products provide relief from nasal mucus, so you can breathe easy. Complete the manufacturer’s training module, and NeilMed will ship a flagship product directly to your door for free.

3. Free Breathe Right samples — ongoing

Whether you’re suffering from a cold, allergies or a deviated septum, Breathe Right nasal strips open your nose so air can flow and you sleep better. Want to enjoy a free sample of this popular product? Register now at the Breathe Right website.

4. Free delivery from Denny’s — act by Aug. 9

It’s always great when you can score free delivery, and Denny’s is offering that perk to members of its rewards program through the rest of 2020.

To qualify, you must place at least one delivery order through Aug. 9 via the Denny’s website or app. Then, you will be qualified for free delivery each week on a purchase of $10 or more throughout the remainder of the year.

Check out the details at the Denny’s website.

5. Free audio horror stories on Google Play — ongoing

Attention horror fans! You can now enjoy free exclusive audio shorts from acclaimed masters of horror. Simply download all 35 terrifying tales from Google Play Books’ Nightfire at no cost. Or, select your favorites and download them individually.

Scare up the details at Google Play.



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