Bilingualism has long ceased to be a privilege of the elite members of society and, in the context of globalization, is becoming an unreserved norm of life and even a prerequisite for a successful career. 

Speaking two or more languages helps us not only communicate effectively, succeed in business, the arts and science. Bilingualism has a positive effect on the functionality of a child’s brain, academic ability, social skills, and their future, in general.

A child who is bilingual easily switches from one language to another and improves his ability to effectively manage higher cognitive processes, such as problem solving, memory, and critical thinking.

At the same time, children who speak several languages generally have a more flexible and lively mind.

Scientists call this phenomenon “the bilingual advantage”. In other words, learning multiple languages from an early age can be of great benefit to your child.



Larissa Gonchar

Larissa Gonchar, COA Elementary School Principal

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