For every kind of dad, there’s a perfect Father’s Day activity to enjoy and remember forever. From golf to Go-Karts, find fun Father’s Day ideas here.

1. Watch a movie

Whether you and your dad love a side-splitting comedy or a good tearjerker, there are plenty of good flicks to watch on Father’s Day. End the day with a movie night, or, if you don’t have the best weather, opt for a movie marathon! From family-friendly classics like Finding Nemo to powerhouse action dads like Liam Neeson in Taken, this list of Father’s Day movies has something for everyone.

2. Go fishing

Fishing is one of the most classic Father’s Day activities for a reason. When else do you get to stand side by side and catch up on life while you enjoy the outdoors? Make him laugh while out on the peaceful waters with these dad jokes.

3. Taste some beers

Make Dad’s day by toasting him at a local beer or wine tasting event. There’s even a no-brainer built-in gift: Bring home some of the day’s best bottles to remember the day for weeks to come. And no need to feel guilty over that beer belly.

4. Hit the amusement park

Thrilling rides, funnel cake, tacky souvenirs—yes, they’re crazy fun Father’s Day activities you can do at a theme park. Summer’s a great time for local and regional fairs, too!

5. Get out in nature

This year start a camping tradition. Pitch a tent, start a campfire, swap memories about growing up—it’s bonding at its best. Look for a campground near you, pick up the right gear, and go wild.

6. Plan a trip

From the coast of Maine to Florida’s Key West, June is a great month to get away—especially if you live in an area where it’s just starting to feel like full summer. Plan a scenic road trip or make it the first beach day of the summer. Make it a day trip or a weekend getaway!

7. Take a cooking class

You can treat dad to dinner anytime. Instead, sign up for a cooking class and experiment in the kitchen. Sur La Table and Whole Foods, as well as your own local grocery store, are good places to start your search. This can be a great gift a daughter gives her dad



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