The salty prosciutto is layered with sweet fig preserves over crispy baguette and creamy triple crème cheese. This appetizer recipe will indulge your taste buds and impress your loved ones!

A classic flavor combination – fig and prosciutto! One of my all-time favorite crostini recipes is this fig and prosciutto crostini recipe! The salty prosciutto is layered with sweet fig preserves over crispy baguette and creamy triple crème cheese! I also love to drizzle some honey and balsamic glaze over the top! These fig crostini are even better with fresh figs when they’re in season! This appetizer recipe is very easy to scale up or down depending on how many servings you need.

Preparing the Baguette

The first step to preparing any crostini recipe to prepare the bread! I love to use toasted rustic baguette for these prosciutto crostini. I slice the bread thinly, about 1/3-inch thick and place it on a baking sheet. Next, I brush the bread very lightly with olive oil and then place the pan under the broiler for a few minutes. Using your oven broiler is the quickest way to toast a lot of bread!

What Cheese to Use?

This fig and prosciutto crostini recipe is so delicious with some creamy, rich cheese! I like to add the cheese onto the toasted bread while it’s still warm so it spreads easier and almost melts into the bread. For this recipe, I like to use Saint Andre triple crème cheese. This mild, brie-like cheese is extra creamy and buttery with mild flavors. You can also use this recipe with regular brie cheese or even plain goat cheese. Even rich and creamy burrata cheese is a great option!

Assembling the Appetizer

You’ll love how easy it is to put together these prosciutto crostini! Once you have the bread toasted and the cheese added, add on the fig preserves. You can spread the preserves directly over the cheese, or drop dollops of jam onto the prosciutto. If you’re using fresh figs, slice the figs thinly and add them over the cheese. Next, add the prosciutto. I typically use just half a slice of prosciutto per appetizer. I split the large slices in half lengthwise along the natural grain of the cured meat. Fold or roll the prosciutto for a prettier presentation!

Drizzle each crostini with a little bit of balsamic glaze for a little bit of acidity. I also love to add a drizzle of honey for even more flavor!



Lika Emelyanova

Russian Time Magazine Contributor

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