2020 was a tough year but our people, even in the most challenging times, still trying to help others and benefit their community. Check Olha Melokhina’s story and get inspired while reading her unique life journey. 

1. How did your love affair with photography begin? What motivated you to become a photographer?  

I have been in love with photography since I was a teenager. Capturing amazing and vivid moments in the camera lens is what I love most about photography. My path continued while studying at the Faculty of Graphic Design. During my second year, we studied the subject “photography”. It was then that my love for photography exploded with a new passion and I knew that photography would be my vocation! I studied everything I could possibly learn about photography: how to correctly set the light, the right angle, as well as creating accents. After moving to the United States, I decided to continue my journey in this direction.

2. Seeing the beauty through a camera lens requires a special talent. Where do you get your inspiration?  

I find inspiration everywhere. A good mood and a sunny day create a great cocktail for inspiration. Sometimes I observe the works of famous and successful photographers, and that leaves me inspired. Even a single object or a person’s features can impress me in a way that is enough for a series of unique shots. I also love to discover new and unusual locations, play with light, fabrics, and special effects.

3. Tell us about your most memorable photoshoot?  

Each photoshoot is unique and different. I have a personal relationship with all my clients and my own vision for each photoshoot. Perhaps, most touching for me is when my clients return again and again. For example, I photographed a marriage proposal, then a wedding, a pregnancy, the first days of their children’s lives, and a wedding anniversary. I am proud that people trust me with some of the most important moments of their lives.

4. Is it possible to take a beautiful and spectacular photo on a regular phone? If so, what advice would you give for this?

Of course, you can. These days, even movies are created using the phone. Here are a few simple steps. First, keep in mind where your source of lighting is coming from. Try to be careful with the backlight while taking pictures of people. It can be really nice lighting at the golden hour or early mornings. Just make sure to choose the correct settings by using a special app that allows it or by changing settings on the phone if you have this option. Also, you may use flash to fill light. Second, learn some basic composition like Rule of Third, leading lines, scale, framing to name just a few. Once you think you have the rules of composition down, break them, by playing with other aspects like lighting and angles. Try thinking outside the box when it comes to what you are capturing — your viewers could be pleasantly surprised by an unexpected subject.

5. Which star or celebrity would you like to work with and invite to a photoshoot?  

I don’t divide people into categories such as famous and ordinary. There is no difference to me who I am photographing. Every person is unique. I am interested in getting to know people, finding things in them that even they do not notice in themselves, and then emphasizing them in our photoshoots.

6. I am following you on Instagram and it appears you travel a lot. In your opinion, what are the top three places for a stunning photoshoot? 

I can’t name only three locations. Our world has hundreds and even thousands of amazing places. It seems to me that the task of a professional photographer is to take extraordinary shots even from the most ordinary places.

7. Have you ever been surprised by your clients, and if so, with what?  

To be honest, I probably have the most wonderful clients. I get a lot of gifts and surprises from them. Probably one of the most memorable moments was a trip to Hawaii. It was very spontaneous. My client called me, said that she was going to have a vows renewal in Hawaii, and asked what camera she should buy to get good photos from the ceremony.  I jokingly told her, “Why would you take a camera if you can take a photographer?” Two days later, she called and invited me to the island. As a result, we all flew to Hawaii together and took incredibly beautiful pictures!

8. What is your motto or favorite quote in life?  

Keep positive and know that with God’s help you can go through everything.
 9. What are your plans for 2021?  
I am in the planning process to launch a new project. If you and your readers want to know more, please stay tuned and follow me on Instagram: @Olhaphotography or @Olhamelokhina



Olga Garicichina

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