By Albina Mart

You can get the perfect Instagram shot by using what you already have on you at all times — your phone!

My name is Albina. I grew up as an actress in theater and in Russia. Everything has changed when I moved to California in 2010. I am found myself as a photographer and now for me, photography is a passion, not just a profession. But here I want to share some tips for your everyday photography on your smartphone or camera. About what you going to photograph and when you are going to do it. You can find some of my tips useful.


Your camera doesn’t have seeing mode. Seeing is very personal. So seeing with your eyes first, not with your camera.


If there’s one thing that can make or break your picture it’s lighting. You might have the most incredible picture, but without the right quality of light, you can have a boring photo.

As a rule, natural light makes the best photo. If you are outside, it’s better to take a picture of the shadow. Shadow could be from buildings or even clouds on a not sunny day. Don’t worry if your picture could be darker than you like, it’s easier to light up with editing tools in your smartphone than if it’s too bright it’s harder to improve.

If you inside, not a problem! head for a window where is enough sun rays. You can face the light by the window and capture more colorful pictures or stand with the light source behind you to make more softer picture.

Overhead light from the lamp is not ideal.

My favorite time for outdoor pictures is the golden hour. it is roughly the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset. That light makes everything more dreamy and magical.


Social media these days is all about where you at the moment, what you do, and what you eat! Sometimes it also means uploading as many selfies from different places as possible, great, then do it. Open front-facing camera. Pose. Snap selfie and post. Sounds easy?

However sometimes I find it challenging. I am not a big fun of selfies, but it can tell cool stories when someone is alone, rushing somewhere, discovering a cool place, or out with friends. Here are some tips for your perfect selfie: Hold your phone as far as possible, so you could capture your face, hair, and part of the background. Make sure the face is in the focus of the camera, leaving background slightly blurry.

Experiment and try to find a good side from a different angle.  Hold your phone high or low, but not too low if you don’t want to capture a double chin or make face proportions look weird !! You don’t need to reach a shutter button on your smartphone screen, try using the volume adjuster button, it works on most smartphones.

While making a selfie try a big smile or make a serious face expression to share what you feel or experiencing at the time photo shot.

A little bit of practice and experiment with your camera and you will get you to become a selfie expert.


Girls are dreaming of having a long legs making your body look thinner and in tone. Many wonder how to take a picture to make your legs seem to look longer. There are many nuances here. First of all, the photo has to be vertical. Second, in order to make the silhouette look longer or, the higher photographer needs to hold the camera from the bottom –  up. The lower the point from which picture will be taken, the longer your legs will look.

Posing is important! If the model spreads legs too far apart, the legs will look short and fat. If the model is posing with legs together, then one knee needs to be slightly bent at the toes, this way legs will seem longer and slimmer. The next moment is clothes. This will not be a secret for everyone that not high waist shirts or pants will make model’ legs look longer and thinner.

Remember these secrets next time you taking pictures and you will see the difference.


Speaking of photography the harmony between outfit and place is essential. Most of the time I choose outfit specific to the place where I am planning to do pictures. especially If you have to travel to place that you have never been before you can do some research online or sometimes Sometimes it’s better to take a little more clothes with you, it could be too much, my husband hates me for this! Bringing additional outfits will allow you to experiment with colors and be creative. Think about colors. A combination of 3-4 colors in the pictures is perfect. If there is a need to capture “look of the day” simple posing with a smile will satisfy your daily posting on Instagram, having a degree in acting I like more lifestyle shots and action in front of the camera. There are so many ways of photography posing: walking, dancing, sitting on the chair, how about hair flying in the wind? Go with what will give you the best results.


How to take a better picture of your kids? I might say “luck” because sometimes that has a lot to do with it. I am a mother of two very active toddler boys. If I ask them to stand and look at the camera, so some kids might, but mine Never! Even worse if I ask them to smile! They will just start making funny “cheese” faces. But how to get natural happy shots of your little loves?

Sometimes you can’t control when the funny moments happen, but if you are planning a little photography time I have found a few tips and tricks that make the whole thing a lot smoother.

Plan the time around THEIR schedule. You know the best time when they are more happy- maybe after a snack or after a nap. You’ll be so much happier with the results.

If you want to capture the world from THEIR perspective, be prepared to get down. You will absolutely love the shots you can capture from this angle.

When are they happiest? When they are playing! Some babies and kids like “peek-a-boo”, others like to dance or sing!

Find some great ways to play and get some fun and happy shots!


Now you’ve got some technique secrets how to take great pictures, but here is one more thing. Editing! Especially if you would like to share your picture on Social media. Yes! Whatever you take a selfie, photographing your family and friends or maybe beautiful landscape during your travel. In my phone, I have just two app.


I like this application for there’s collection of different filters. You can dramatically change your picture or adjust to a minimal intensity. I prefer a second. I always for the more real pictures.


This is a photo editing application mostly for portrait and selfie photos. Facetune will help you to look your Hollywoods best. Facetune’s tools allow to whiten teeth, remove blemishes, smooth skin end even reshape. You can do whatever you want with your picture, but I prefer my photos to be real, but if I use this app I use a smooth tool to smooth some spots.

Also, I use Instagram tools for lightning or cropping my picture. Sometimes I also can add some contrast or saturation. There are also a great collection of filters. You can skip VSCO and Facetune and just adjust your picture here.

Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to photograph and when you’re going to do it, you’re nearly ready to get your camera or smartphone and head out to snap some great pictures. But before you do, bear the following tips in mind, to ensure things go smoothly and you make your better photo.



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