If you are lucky enough to meet Michael, you will remain in awe of his energy, his shining eyes, and his versatility. This is a person who lives life to the fullest and intentionally uses each waking hour of the day! His indefatigable desire to help people led him to create the charity project, Transforming Africa, which later expanded to become international. This year he celebrated five years of his active ministry and we are so proud to share Mike’s inspiring story with all our readers!

Mike, what pushed you to start the Transforming Africa ministry?

I started my ministry in February 2015 after feeling the urge to steer my life in a different direction and do something that matters! At the same time, I unexpectedly received six letters from different people from different countries. Each letter was united by a common thought: we need to act and we need to help people! My life’s vision changed dramatically in just seven days. It took me six months to prepare and overcome hurdles and on October 4th, my plane landed in Africa. This was the official founding date of the Transforming Africa ministry, which grew into the Transforming Nations mission.  

What was the biggest challenge you’ve been through in the last five years?  

During this time, there were many challenges that we successfully navigated and learned from! One of the biggest challenges that I faced was my health. In Africa, I caught an infection that almost led to the amputation of my arm. I remember, very vividly, how hard it was to make the right decision.  The doctors told me that they would need to amputate my arm or else I would die. Thank God, I recovered from that illness and was able to continue my ministry.  

Mike, do you suffer from insomnia from seeing pictures of injustice and understanding that you can’t save all?  

When you see with your own eyes children in utter poverty, who are living in garbage dumps, your world is turned upside down. The most shocking thing is that this does not surprise anyone in the region and is considered normal. You listen to stories of hundreds of refugee families who lost everything because of war and you see orphans who consider themselves lucky if they eat once a day.  My consciousness was simply refusing to accept this terrible reality. My heart was breaking into hundreds of little pieces after this trip as the injustice was unbearable.

Of course, my team and I understand that we cannot help and save everyone. But we want to do it for as many people as possible! It is in our power and responsibility to help those who are in despair and need. This is not an instant process, but it starts with every single person you reach out to. Even transformations that sweep across an entire society depend on each of us. I strongly believe that together we can change the whole world! 

How does faith in God help you in your projects?  

For me, personally, and for the entire team, faith in God is the foundation of everything we do and why we do it. We meet people in different parts of the world who are often in desperate situations, with broken destinies, and who are completely alone in their difficulties. Our desire is to not only help them physically. We believe that all people need a God who can heal their soul wounds and give them new hope. This shapes our mission to reach out to people, share their pain and experiences, and bring the hope of the gospel that can change a person from the inside out and their entire life.

Tell us about a story related to the project that moved you to tears?  

I’ve seen so many tragedies that it’s hard to highlight a single one. They are all quite different. But the fate of orphans, raped children, refugees who fled death during war, people who went through famine in our twenty-first century – all those stories remain in my memory and always bring tears to my eyes.  

How do you see your charity project in another five years?  

In five years, I plan to help at least 200% more people than we do now!   

What is your life motto and guide?

I have two mottos: “Never give up” and “It is never enough to make good deeds!”  

What would you wish for each person who reads our interview with you?  

I wish that we all understand our own purpose in life and that we actively pursue our calling. After all, if each of us will live the life we were created for, we will be able to influence this world and change it for the better!


5 years of effective ministry

3 regions in different parts of the world — Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia

11 large projects and directions of the ministry implemented

26 new churches formed as a result of the ministry

67 team members, united by one goal

More than 200 people, churches and ministries support us to do The Great Commission together!

42 orphans live in our orphanage, where they receive care, nutrition, and education

31 street boys went through rehabilitation in our center

150 widows in Kenya receive support and hear the gospel

About 200 students graduated from our Bible school and 150 of those are now shepherds and active ministers in Kenyan churches 

10.000 people have had the opportunity to hear the Word of God every month through our projects

50 families are visited monthly with grocery bags and the word of Salvation in Jordan

70 children in Jordan attend our educational classes

19 students study at the Bible School in Jordan



Mike Rezink


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