Your company isn’t expanding, and there are fewer and fewer clients every day? Sound familiar? Advertising channels aren’t generating income, and their costs are only growing? If you’ve checked all the internal processes without finding the culprit, you may need to take a look at your business  from the outside. Perhaps, your marketing tactics are ineffective. Let’s uncover what may be significantly interfering with the success of your business.

Another financial crisis, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, has become a challenge for countless businesses. Many entrepreneurs have had to look at their business and their market differently. Weaknesses that may have been invisible or unimportant under normal circumstances may now require  serious changes in order to avert a complete collapse of their entire business model. Below are the most common mistakes that almost 90% of all entrepreneurs face.

5 biggest mistakes: 

  • Use of one advertising platform.

When choosing one platform, you cover only part of the target audience, thereby, losing potential customers. Also, if we are talking about digital tools, it is worth remembering that there is a possibility of accidental content blocking, which can greatly affect the success of an advertising campaign.

  • Copying content.

There are many advertising materials that have helped a particular business to become successful, as well as many companies that, in pursuit of success, copied popular advertising campaigns, making small changes and adapting them to their business. However, the result of plagiarism in most cases turned out to be a waste of money.

  • The desire to be liked by everyone.

Successful promotion of a product or service is impossible without knowing the target audience and understanding the product. The desire to sell to everyone leads to a waste of budget dollars on ineffective advertising. Instead of studying the needs and habits of the target customer, companies inflate their advertising budget and that yields poor returns.

  • Wrong allocation of the marketing budget.

A marketing plan should take into account deadlines, responsible parties, and costs and be based on what tools you plan to use. Additionally, the budget should be allocated for effective promotion channels and aligned with the company’s goals.

  • Ignoring the main trends in the field of marketing.

Advertising campaigns are ineffective if they use outdated techniques because the main purpose of advertising is to attract the attention of a potential client.

Marketing mistakes are what slows down the company’s development. A correct approach, on the contrary, will lead your brand to success.

What do you need? Add the following 5 recommendations to your armory to retain and attract potential customers.

  • Branding that stands out. The name, logo, corporate colors, and slogan by which customers recognize you are very important, as your brand is built on them. If the components were chosen incorrectly from the very beginning, this will reduce the results of advertising campaigns.
  • Updated website. A website is the icon of your business on the Internet. It helps find new customers, employees, and partners and allows your business to use dozens of Internet marketing tools: from targeted advertising to email newsletters.
  • Today, social networks have become the most popular source of information and communication with friends. The hourly number of registrations on various platforms is growing every day, so promoting a product or service on social media is a good decision. You can do this through ads, helpful posts, gamification, interesting photos, and contests.
  • Targeted advertising. This type of advertising allows businesses to show their ads strictly to their target audience. This allows you to quickly find potential buyers and arouse their interest.
  • Convenience when searching for a website is one of the strongest competitive advantages thanks to which a business receives a constant flow of visitors. The presence of the website in the TOP-10 list determines its success since according to statistics, 85% of people do not go further than the second page in the search results.



Elizabeth Peregudina

Digital marketing specialist and co-founder of Volchek Digital

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