This November, Citrus Heights residents face the most consequential decision about the future of our city since its incorporation nearly 25 years ago. 

To address the revenue shortfall caused by the decline in retail sales and the economic impacts of COVID-19, our city council has had to slash services, eliminate programs, cut staff, and freeze vacant positions – including 17 in our police department. 

It is critical that we choose to strengthen our city’s financial independence and move Citrus Heights forward during these unprecedented times by voting YES on Measure M, a proposed one-cent locally controlled sales tax.

Vote YES on Measure M to make Citrus Heights an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Measure M will:

  • Improve 911 emergency response times
  • Fill critically-needed patrol officer positions in our police department
  • Implement economic development plans to attract and retain good-paying jobs
  • Invest in our city’s aging infrastructure, streets, and roads

Vote YES on Measure M to protect public health and reduce homelessness.

Now more than ever, we need to ensure the health of our families and safety of our neighborhoods by expanding efforts proven to reduce and prevent homelessness, such as the city’s Navigators program. 

Vote YES on Measure M for more financial accountability and transparency at city hall.

Measure M establishes an independent citizens’ committee to oversee city funds, requires mandatory financial audits, and mandates public reporting to ensure that funds are spent appropriately.

Vote YES on Measure M to ensure that we maintain local control of our city in these challenging times.

Measure M requires that local funds stay in Citrus Heights and cannot be diverted by the federal government or the state. We are a resilient community and cannot depend on others to address our unique local needs during or after this pandemic.

Please join first responders, community leaders, and small-business owners in voting YES on M to keep Citrus Heights safe and strong! 



Olga Garicichina

Russian Time Magazine Assistant Editor

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