2020 has been a hectic year for retail and business bankruptcies. The global pandemic has become a key factor in tanking economies around the world. A lot of well-known brands have declared bankruptcy, the unemployment rate has reached its maximum since Great Depression, and finally, the major issue has arisen: “What should businesses do during these challenging times?”

New times require new ways of doing business and advertise it to your clients. There were times we thought a newspaper ad could do all the work to sell our products, but like every other aspect of our lives, technology has changed it forever. Let’s dive into some interesting economic trends to implement in most businesses as soon as possible. Here are my key points.


Almost all office workers were suddenly forced to start working from home. Many of them will not return to their old way of life. When they realize that they can work productively from home, according to their schedule, without losing two or three hours a day on the way to the office and back, they will search for similar remote employment opportunities. Effective management of remote employees is becoming a key factor of competitiveness. 


With more office employees working remotely, more and more corporate executives realize that now they can find the best candidates on a global rather than a local market. Corporations in Silicon Valley or in New York City don’t see the point in paying more local employees if they switch to remote mode anyway; a lot of jobs will move to countries with a lower cost of living. The result will be huge savings for corporations on labor and office costs, increased business growth rates, and improved efficiency of the global economy.


The average American spends about 7-8 hours daily on the Internet using a smartphone, laptop or tablet. During the coronavirus pandemic, the numbers are even higher.  It’s clear that small and medium-sized businesses need to take advantage of this increase in screen time and place their advertisings where most people can see it. That’s why the best way to attract a new audience is to plan a successful marketing campaign, using social media and SMM targeting tools.  


2020 has been a challenging year for many companies, but not for Transparent Business. This crisis gave us the possibility to grow and expand our services worldwide. I saw the opportunity to turn our company into a hectocorn corporation valued over 100 billion dollars. Hundreds of investors from fifty countries, including the largest investment banks, have already invested in our company since we provide best solutions for managing remote employees.

Furthermore, I believe digital marketing is the most effective and innovative way to promote your goods or services. If small and medium-sized businesses continue to rely only on traditional offline marketing methods, they risk falling behind the competition. I would personally recommend VolcheckDigital marketing agency. It was created on the basis of a large media agency with more than 23 years of experience, where result-focused experts in marketing industries easily found and continue to find the best approaches to any target audience in any sphere of business. 

As an entrepreneur with thirty years of business experience, I know that there are always ups & downs. That’s why you should always keep in mind the major key to success: persistence!  The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow! 

Remember the days when businesses used to compete with others in their zip code or their city? Those days are long gone. Today you compete against your entire industry, hundreds of thousands of similar businesses who flood the internet and on social media. Offering quality products and good services is no longer enough to be a step ahead. You have to compete for people’s attention. That’s where we come in.

We create custom, ambitious, one of a kind marketing campaigns that put you out there. We use our 20 years of experience, our ambitious creativity, and our market expertise to make you stand out. We take advantage of the latest algorithms and SEO tools to hit your target market. We optimize the return of every dollar you spend on digital advertising.

We do exactly what a good digit marketing agency should do – we make your money, the internet, and social media work for you. Put us to work – call us today (916) 483-5454



Alex Konanykhin

A tech entrepreneur and CEO of Transparent Business

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