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Effective immediately Yolo County has amended the current Shelter-in-Place order to allow childcare for non-essential workers, select services, and outdoor museums and open gallery spaces to resume while non-essential office-based businesses must remain closed. This amendment aligns the County with some recent modifications to the State’s Stay-at-Home Order, which allows for these activities, including office-based businesses, to resume in a limited capacity under Phase Two of the State’s four-phase reopening plan. The County’s Shelter-in-Place order is still in effect through May 31.

Yolo County is allowing the following activities to resume that have been assessed as low risk for the spread of COVID-19 and are consistent with the State Order, as long as they 1) follow State guidelines, 2) adhere to the County’s face covering order; 3) comply with strict social distancing protocols:

• Childcare for those outside of the essential workforce
• Select services: car washes, pet grooming, landscape gardening, appliance repair, residential and janitorial cleaning, and plumbing
• Outdoor museums and open gallery spaces.

While the State Order is in effect, counties are permitted to be more restrictive than the state regarding the re-opening of activities. The State’s Order now allows for office-based business to re-open, while strongly encouraging continued teleworking. The County will delay reopening non-essential offices until next week in order to develop localized guidance. Face coverings are still mandatory in Yolo County for the public and businesses that are reopened. Information can be found at: www.yolocounty.org/coronavirus-roadmap.

Recently, the State announced they would allow for regional variation, or an opportunity for counties to move further into Phase Two and reopen additional services or businesses if they could attest to meeting the State’s criteria by submitting a readiness plan that was approved by the local health officer and Board of Supervisors. In response, Yolo County has developed a readiness plan and plan on submitting it to the State for final approval this week.

Yolo County continues to monitor developments related to the State Order as well as local data. Additional amendments on loosening or tightening activities under the County’s Shelter-in-Place order will be based on developments related to these two areas. For additional or specific guidelines on permitted items, click on the hyperlinked business or activity at: www.yolocounty.org/coronavirus-roadmap. Residents can also call Yolo 2-1-1 for resource information.



Paul Hosley

Communications and Media Officer City of West Sacramento

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