Important update with COVID-19. Pacific Charter Institute


Dear Students and Families.

We are open and are still supporting students. As an independent study charter school, we are well equipped to serve every student in a virtual setting. We have made a few modifications to make sure we are aligning with the state recommendation for social distancing.

Teachers have been reaching out to your students this week to ensure their uninterrupted academic success. We do not know when the pandemic will be over, but we are committed to support you during this crisis.

All state mandated testing has been postponed until further notice.

Please check with your teacher regarding instructional needs as we know there have been many changes in our communities.

As an additional resource, we have added technology supports for virtual learning with our Information Technologyhelp desk. You can reach us by phone, email or zoom for tech support.

Access information will be in parents emails soon as well as available from your teachers. Our technology team will be standing by to help!

Thank you for your continued partnership with Pacific Charter Institute.

Paul Keefer, MBA. Ed.D
Pacific Charter Institute



Lyudmila Semeryuk

Outreach and Engagement Specialist cell (916) 890-4680 email:

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