Tim Enso with a famous Russian singer, Dzhigan

This young, charming and talented guy found his calling as a child. Tim’s passion for music and performing manifested itself when he was only three. He rushed on stage and, according to his parents, stayed there forever. Having had a meteoric rise in his homeland, Tim went to conquer the mecca of the music industry, Hollywood.

Tim, your path in the music world is unique. You play several musical instruments: violin, accordion, piano, and saxophone. You worked in Russia with top artists: Dima Bilan, Yulianna Karaulova, Pavel Volya, Elka, Loc-Dog, and Dzhigan. You took part in the Bad Players, Rhannes and Lost Capital projects and you toured all over Russia. But then you suddenly moved to the United States. Why did you make such a drastic change in your life? Wasn’t it scary to start from scratch?

I first traveled to the United States when I was 16 and visited New York and Los Angeles. I fell in love with California sunsets, the ocean, and its special atmosphere. Even then, as a teenager, I decided to pursue the American market. So, moving to the United States was a conscious decision. Living in fear can only restrain a person from reaching their goal. It limits one’s potential. So, there was no fear, but rather a desire to achieve my goal against all odds.

Starting again in California, what are the main mistakes you notice in those who, like you, want to find their place in the sun?

Perhaps the most crucial mistakes are to not focus on your goal and the failure to keep one’s own capabilities in perspective. Los Angeles is a great city to start, but it is full of temptations and useless pursuits that can lead a person from the right path.

In your professional opinion, what is the difference between the music market in the United States and the CIS countries?

 The main difference is timing. What is popular and trending here now, will be borrowed and copied by Russians within one and a half or two years. Moreover, hip-hop is trendier here, while Russians prefer pop music.

 Name your three favorite artists.

 Oh, that’s not an easy task since I’m a music fan and I love various music except, probably, hard rock. But these names come to mind first: Frank Sinatra, Drake and Zivert. I would love to work with Zivert.

How do you feel about the fact that today’s music market values business more than creativity?

I believe that music should bring money to its creator. There is no shame in working in this multibillion-dollar industry and making a cool product that is in demand by consumers! If your work doesn’t appeal to anyone, you are unlikely to change the world or leave a significant trace…

Music is your life, passion and love. If you had to choose another area, what would it be?

This question is not easy for me to answer… But I would probably choose traveling. Maybe I would even be a host of a popular travel show, like Heads and Tails. I love to explore the world, watch other people’s lives and be inspired by the beauty of nature.


Which of all the places you’ve been to has impressed and changed you the most?

This is definitely Tibet. It is the most powerful place in terms of energy, which is in my heart and mind forever. It was in Tibet that I had a key realization in my life: ‘The meaning of life is life itself!’ I am happy to welcome every new day, every new opportunity; I believe in my power and will never betray my dreams and goals!

Featured Guest: Tim Enso
Occupation:  Music producer, DJ, Saxophonist
Instagram: @timenso
Website: timenso.com



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