5 Essential Tips for Moms-to-be

Pregnancy is a magnificent time that every woman awaits to experience at least once in her lifetime, to carry a soul within her. It can also bring about a wide range of emotions ranging from excitement to nervousness. Here are some simple tips from experts in their filed that can help expecting moms have a healthy and glowing nine months of pregnancy.


“Choose a professional who respects you, one you can connect with and trust with your vision regarding your childbirth experience,” says Dr. Anna Almonte MD., DO., OBGYN. Dr. Almonte has been voted the best OB/GYN by the Russian speaking community for the last two years in a row. Dr. Anna believes that your best choice should be a physician with excellent credentials who, first and foremost, CARES about your choices. Your doctor should be able to guide you through the term of your pregnancy till the birth of your child, getting to know you both through this wonderful journey. If your pregnancy is considered high risk due to either previous complications, or if you’re expecting multiples or if diagnosed with certain medical conditions, it is important that your OB/GYN has a collaborative relationship with a specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine.

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Staying active is important for your general health and can help you reduce stress, control your weight, improve circulation, boost your mood, and sleep better. Our fitness expert, Hugo Brambila, owner of Custom Fitness of Natomas, has the following advice for you. “Drink water before, during, and after your workout. After doing floor exercises, get up slowly and gradually to prevent dizziness. Never exercise to the point of exhaustion. If you can not talk normally while exercising, you are probably over-exerting yourself and should slow down your activity!”

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“Pregnancy is actually an ideal time to plan a spa day. It’s the calm before the storm of late nights, diapers and feeding schedules takes over your waking hours,” says Natalia, owner of the luxurious Royal Spa. One of the most popular procedures for pregnant women is a prenatal massage which is designed to reduce swelling, relieve sciatic nerve pain, balance hormone levels, and keep your baby safe. “When your circulation is increased by a body scrub or massage, your blood is pumping through your entire body, carrying with it vital oxygen and nutrients used to create the building blocks of your cellular makeup,” Natalia says. “When pregnant, keeping a constant flow of steady oxygen and nutrients throughout your body is key to supporting your health and your baby’s.”

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Being pregnant puts you at a higher risk for tooth decay, gum disease, also known as “pregnancy gingivitis”, and oral growths called “pregnancy tumors,” says Dr. Aleksandr Klimushkin, one of the best dental experts in Northern California. All these conditions are treatable, so make sure you’re up to date with your dental exams. Oral health care including teeth cleaning, X-rays, certain pain medications, and local anesthesia – are safe throughout pregnancy. In fact, it’s especially important to have a dental checkup, dental cleaning, and any necessary treatment during pregnancy. Delaying necessary treatment for oral health problems during pregnancy could result in significant risk to you and your baby.

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Finding a knowledgeable chiropractor could be beneficial even before you are pregnant, says top-notch professional Nadezhda Shvets, certified chiropractor, and owner of the Shvets Chiropractic. Your doctor will help you to find the best natural prenatal vitamins and supplements (B12 and folic acid) that are extremely important for a healthy pregnancy. Studies have found that about 50% of all expectant mothers will develop lower back pain at some point during their pregnancies. The potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include: maintaining a healthier pregnancy, reducing the time of labor and delivery, relieving back, neck or joint pain. The best strategy a woman can implement is to start seeing a knowledgeable chiropractor before becoming pregnant. Your chiropractor can detect any imbalances in the pelvis or elsewhere in your body that could contribute to discomfort during pregnancy or possible nerve/musculoskeletal problems.

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