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There are legends about Maui’s paradise beaches and picturesque natural wonders. This island has everything for a perfect holiday. 

With its pristine beaches, exquisite dining, and endless entertainment options, Maui is a pearl in the chain of the Hawaiian Islands. Planning a trip to Maui can get quite overwhelming given the wide range of options this island of magical sunsets hat to offer. Here are my personal recommendations on the best lodging, dining, and entertainment choices that I have discovered on Maui during my last tropical getaway.


Maui Russian Time Magazine

Imagine yourself soaring like a bird over the most beautiful tropical island with its magnificent coastline stretching as far your eye can see. Nang Gliding Maui, one of the most unique attractions on the island, delivers this unforgettable sensation by taking you up in the air on an extremely light aircraft. The view from the top expands your imagination and delivers a whole new sensation. The owner of the company, Armin Engert, is a certified flight instructor with 30 years of experience and a great sense of humour. Our pre-flight instructions felt more like a comedy show while the flight itself was an unforgeable adventure. It’s an experience like no other for those seeking some great memories with a kick of adrenaline.


If you are a chocolate fan, then you must visit this unique farm. You will get this experience nowhere else. You will learn about the cultivation of cocoa beans and vanilla (and you will probably be shocked by the fact that 90% of chocolate is produced by slaves) and take part in tasting ten different types of chocolate. This fantastic experience combines education about growing cacao and the experience of actually turning beans into chocolate and a guided chocolate tasting! Also, you will prepare a real cocoa drink according to an ancient Mayan recipe. I have never drunk such a delicious cocoa. And, of course, I could not resist buying two high-quality chocolate bars, made simply of cocoa and sugar. Be sure to book a tour in advance, as they sell out very quickly!

Maui Chocolate Tour


Maui Russian Time Magazine

If you live in California, you may be accustomed to great food and may not be easily impressed by Maui’s restaurants and delicious food. Therefore, before dining at The Mill House Restaurant, we could not imagine that such a visit would leave an imprint on our souls. The restaurant is located in the heart of a sugar cane plantation. Before starting on a feast for your taste buds, we strongly recommend that you begin with the most delicious coffee from The Mill House Roasting Company. Then, take the tram and go on a plantation tour. You will not find as many interesting and amazing facts about exotic fruits anywhere else! The finale, of course, will be lunch or dinner at The Mill House Restaurant. Talented chef, Jeff Cher, does wonders, using only local produce grown under the friendly, Hawaiian sun.

The Mill House Restaurant


Maui Russian Time Magazine

In absolutely every Maui guide, you are guaranteed to find this highway listed. Some particularly proud drivers advertise their adventure with a bumper sticker announcing, “I survived the Road to Hana”. There are about 600 turns on the 35 miles of road. Nevertheless, the road is in excellent condition and a Jeep is absolutely not needed for travel. The Highway to Hana is incredibly picturesque. One of the must see places is the park with the soporific name, “Wai-anapa-napa”. Its main feature is a beach of black sand which is very rare on Maui.The lifespan of black sand beaches is only a couple of hundred years, unlike the usual yellow sand beaches which are fed from
organic sources.

Road to Hana
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Maui Russian Time Magazine

It’s a crime to be on Maui and not get to the top of Haleakala, a dormant volcano! The word “Haleakala” in Hawaiian means “House of the Sun”. Hawaiians never lived in this region, but regularly visited, bringing gifts to the gods. Depending upon which part of the island you are coming from, the road to the top will take you two to five hours. Do not forget to bring warm clothes, hot tea or coffee and snacks. You will be grateful to me afterwards for this advice. You must buy a pass to the park for $1.50 in advance on the website, otherwise you will not have access to the park. Also, on the website check sunrise and sunset times atop Haleakala and choose the perfect day to enjoy the most magical spectacle of your life!

Haleakala National Park
Park entrance:
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I planned this parasailing adventure long before our trip to the island. It turned out to be an ideal gift for my spouse. On this amazing excursion, we were accompanied by a couple of 65 year-old doctors and a married couple. While the boat motors along on the water below, you hover in the air and enjoy a breathtaking, bird’s eye view of the Pacific. And it is not scary at all! So do not hesitate, just do it! The staff was absolutely amazing! They were extremely courteous and showed a great customer appreciation UFO Parasail is a family-owned company since 1985 and has done everything to ensure that tourists receive a first-class experience and are delighted with their flight!

UFO Parasail


The number of hotels on Maui is immense. Tourists do not always know where to look first when choosing a hotel. Two key factors are: location and price. If two of you are travelling together, it is easier to choose the right lodging: first, choose a part of the island and then book a hotel from popular websites. If you decide to travel with children or friends, then contact Ridge Realty Rentals. They offer many beautiful condos and houses through well-known Airbnb. The quality of their service is unmatched, and the prices are so affordable that a condo with an ocean view in a picturesque location may cost no more than $1,500 for seven nights!

Ridge Realty Rentals



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