“Together we can teach our kids kindness”. That was the idea behind The Heartbeat Winter Charity Kids event in support of children battling cancer which took place on January 20th  2018 in Costa Mesa, California.

It is a noble cause, that is intended to help save some very special children’s lives.  The concert hall was filled with some awesome and caring people of all ages that came to support the young musicians, singers, and entrepreneurs in their effort to “make a difference”. The contributions allowed us to raise money to buy medicine for the unfortunate children. A total of 15 kids ranging from ages 4-10 participated in the event with their talented teacher Anastasiya Polo, and “Project Be You” established by Anna Scoby.


Anastasiya Polo, an amazing recording artist, song writer, and vocal teacher performed several solo pieces along with duets with her students and entertained the crowd for the evening. She also presented her non-profit project “HeartBeat with Anastasiya Polo” dedicated to assisting children battling cancer in Ukraine. In 2016 Anastasiya was awarded Best Contemporary Christian Artist of the year by RAM.

In 2017 Anastasiya created the original music program “Golos nad Propastiu” (translated as “Voice over the Void” literally) and has toured performing her songs throughout the United States to raise money for children in need. The music program has turned into an ongoing fundraising effort and has now been responsible for saving and changing lives all over the world. This year’s concerts are scheduled to take place in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Georgia, and Florida. Anastasiya Polo has used last year’s momentum and created HeartBeat Winter Charity Kids Event. This time, the event joined talented young entrepreneurs from Project Be You, who created their own businesses with handmade goods for sale. All the merchandise was made with love, and the young business owners donated proceeds from the event to the noble cause. “Project Be You” was designed by Anna Scoby, with the goal to instill confidence and inspire kindness in children of all ages. The young entrepreneurs of the classes are taught “life skills”. During their classes, the children have an opportunity to learn what it takes to make money and the value of a hard day’s work. The HeartBeat Winter Charity Kids Event was a perfect opportunity for young entrepreneurs to shine and most importantly to learn the importance of giving back.


During the event, the audience applauded as they listened and fought through tears while listening to the beautiful voices of young performers and seeing the pictures of the sick children displayed on the screen above the stage. The children in need were holding big red hearts with the word HeartBeat on them. The event has made a difference in the lives of seven patients and the performances showed the children were truly inspired to help.

We are thankful for those who participated. Our children are our future, and together we can teach and show them by participating in events like this they can save a life. We hope they will remember the feeling and be inspired to make it a way of life and change their mindsets.

HEARTBEATThe young participants will forever remember the moment of standing on the stage, performing to save lives, feeling the support of an audience eager to help, and being empowered to make a difference. This memory will be re-lived and inspire more kindness.

Together we taught our kids kindness and made a difference.




Lika Emelyanova

Russian Time Magazine Contributor

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