Victoria A. Khristyuchenko – Capitol Legal Services

Victoria Khristyuchenko - Capitol Legal Services

Victoria is growing her experience in Family Law and Immigration. She has been working for two law firms for the past four and a half years and is very passionate about her job.

Why do you love your career?

We all need to love life to benefit from it entirely. Loving life means loving all essentials in your daily life, one being your place of work. If you can’t do the job you love, you’re missing out on life. Mostly, I enjoy seeing families being brought together and knowing that I was part of it.

What qualities have allowed you to succeed?

· Drive
· Self-reliance
· Willpower
· Patience
· Integrity
· Passion
· Optimism
· Self-confidence

Running your own business is:

Great – You can fully leverage your creativity and ingenuity
Challenging – You must cope with constant change and uncertainties; you have to develop your capacity for dealing with the unexpected




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