Stefaniya and Kristina Trach – Citrus Plaza Catering

Stefaniya and Kristina Trach - Citrus Plaza Catering

Stefaniya and Kristina Trach are two young sisters that run one of the most established and reputable family-owned and operated catering companies serving the Russian-American community of Northern California, Citrus Plaza Catering.

These two young women have been a part of the family business ever since they learned to walk. Both were involved in operations as they were growing up; they even helped their parents while going to college.

In 2014, cancer unexpectedly claimed the life of their mother, Marina, who was the heart and soul of the company. Coping with this devastated tragedy, the family was faced with a huge challenge, whether to close down the business or find a way to restructure operations. Two brave girls, supported by their father, Igor, stepped in and took over the company. Not only did they manage to stay in business but they also brought it to a whole new level, claiming the Best Catering Company Award in 2017.

When asked what they like the most about being in business, the girls both replied that it is first of all a tribute to their mother. Citrus Plaza Catering had been the work of her life and the ladies are proud to carry on and expand on their mother’s dream.

What do you enjoy spending money on?

Traveling and food; these two combine perfectly. You must taste a culture to understand it. That is why we always try national dishes from local restaurants when we travel.

Being a woman in business is:

Great because we get to meet new people and attend lots of different events.
Challenging since people often don’t take us seriously because of our age.




Olga Garicichina

Russian Time Magazine Assistant Editor

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