Nadezhda Shvets – Shvets Chiropractic

Nadezhda Shvets - Shvets Chiropractic

My Job fulfills me. I am a chiropractor and a nutritionist so I get to help people feel better, both physically and mentally. I can’t imagine myself doing something else.

Why do you love your career?

One special thing about being a doctor is that I get to connect with all of my patients in a very personal way. I am not only helping them with chiropractic and nutritional advice; I am also giving them a bit of a mental break by being someone who actually listens and cares. Every day I get to do something that I love and make an impact on people’s lives.

What is the highlight of your practice?

I’ve had numerous cases that were very special. One that particularly comes to mind is a young family with a baby that had poor motor skills. After I completed a chiropractic treatment plan with the child, his coordination skills improved greatly and he was able to crawl. His parents could hardly believe it! I feel incredible knowing I played a role in changing someone’s life!

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