Mrs. Joi Tikoi – Gateway International School

Mrs Joi Tikoi - Gateway International School

I believe in quality education for all students, no matter their ability, income, or life experience. I believe that education is the one free opportunity we all have that can lift us above our circumstances.

Why do you love your career?

I love my career because it is never boring. Every day is different with interesting and sometimes unbelievable things happening. Unbelievable in a good way. I get to see children do things they never thought possible. I get to see them grow up as if they were my own. This is very rewarding.

I am a developer. I see opportunities in people and circumstances and take advantage of them. I thrive on helping other people grow and learn. I surround myself with people who are willing to move forward and take risks.

What do you enjoy spending money on?

I like spending money on my children and family. I love to do spontaneous things such as take day trips to San Francisco and Monterey. And, of course, I like to shop.




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