Lana Dolyna, EA, CTC, NTPI fellow – Tax Shark, Inc.

Lana Dolyna - Tax Shark Inc

Life is too short to be doing something you are not passionate about. I am blessed because I don’t even think of my job as work. I absolutely love what I do.

Lana is the CEO and Founder of Tax Shark, Inc. She is working with top business owners and investors using proactive tax planning to help them keep more of what they earn. On average, businesses are able to save $20,000 – $40,000 in taxes by using advanced tax reduction strategies.

What is your greatest weakness:

I enjoy spending money on tax seminars and conferences
but I forget to charge clients for consultations.

Being a business woman is…

challenging but rewarding. For a business woman, it is critical to have confidence and to believe in yourself. You must be determined to set yourself up for success by being recognized for your value, your competencies, and your knowledge.

Oftentimes we are too humble in regards to our talents and qualifications. We have to learn that it is perfectly fine to speak out and tell people that we are good at what we do. Also, we must remember that the greatest success sometimes comes from the biggest failures.




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