Elena Obutkova – MY Insurance Services Inc.

Elena Obutkova - MY Insurance Services Inc

Elena holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Technology and Civil Construction Engineering and has over 21 years of experience in the health insurance field.

Which qualities most contributed to your success?

I believe that being dedicated to your job and connecting with your clients are two major keys to success. It is especially true in my industry. I don’t sell people insurance; I try to make sure that my clients are well protected in case something unexpected happens to them or their families.

Your greatness weakness:

Perhaps I have more than one, but my biggest weakness is definitely my grandchildren. They can melt my heart like nothing else in the world.

What do you enjoy spending money on?

I love to travel. To me, it’s not even about where I go or for how long.
Travel is an enrichment that helps me discover new places,
experience new cultures and make great memories.

Running your own business is:

Challenging My work schedule is not standardized,
so I work a lot of overtime. That doesn’t leave me enough time for my loved ones and my hobbies.
Great The rest are all pros!




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