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Vivian J. Tonsky

Beauty is a complex combination of genes, lifestyle,
and taking good care of your skin, body and spirit.

What qualities have allowed you to succeed?

The most important quality one must have in order to achieve success is having the guts to do it; the courage to get things started. It can be extremely intimidating to start your own business but if you lack the courage to face your fears and get started, then success will never materialize on any level.

What is your greatest weakness?

Trying to do it all at the expense of my personal and family time is my greatest weakness. I often get carried away with the business as it is my true passion. I often have to make a note to take a break from this exciting and creative process and focus on equally important, non-work related responsibilities.

Why do you love your career?

I love the idea of making people look and feel good, as well as providing them with a calming and rejuvenating escape from their bustling, everyday life. I take pride in what I do and feel great joy when I see that my clients truly enjoy the procedures I have personally handcrafted for them.

870 Market St, Ste 1113, San Francisco, California



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