Listen to Gain Wisdom

Listen to Gain Wisdom
I was having lunch with a now good friend of mine, the co-owner of the Sacramento Kings, John Kehriotis, at a Russian restaurant. Even before we met, I had long admired John for his brilliant mind and his progressive business vision. He was by far one of the most respectable entrepreneurs I knew of, so I was delighted to have this opportunity to talk to him.
“Listen to Gain Wisdom. Anything You May Say You Already Know.”

– John C. Maxwell.

A bowl of Ukrainian Borsch later and John began to talk. He was a great speaker and I truly enjoyed listening to his success stories, laughing about lessons he had learned the hard way, and getting his insight on world travel and Russian food.

I listened without interrupting. Two hours later a calendar alert on John’s iPhone reminded me that it was time to go. I picked up the tab, loaded my friend with some hot Piroshkies to go, and we headed back to our cars.

Our conversation left me with a mixed feeling of satisfaction and anxiety. I was glad I got two hours’ worth of priceless insight from one of the greatest business minds I knew. At the same time, I was a little worried that John had found me the most boring companion ever since I had hardly said anything during our meeting. However, the farewell phrase he dropped while getting into his Mercedes caught me by surprise: “Thank you for lunch, Sergey. I truly enjoyed talking to you. You are a very interesting person.”

Sometimes being an interesting companion means listening rather than speaking. John Maxwell put it this way, “Listening is the way to gain wisdom because everything you say, you already know.” We can get smarter, wiser, and savvier simply by taking time to listen to someone who knows more than we do. Whether it’s talking to an interesting person, enjoying a good book, or reading an engaging story in a magazine, listening is great way to enhance your life.

Our editorial team did a great job making this issue worth your time. It features stories and advice from field experts worth listening to. It also brings you some fresh insight on travel, food, relationships, health, success, and some pretty amazing people. Enjoy!



Sergey Ivannikov

Sergey is the Founder & CEO of Russian American Media, Inc. — one of the largest media companies serving Russian-Speaking community of USA. He is a publisher of several acclaimed publications including Russian Time Magazine, Russian Observer Newspaper, Russian Community Directory, and web portal Sergey is the organizer of several annual community events including Russian Capitol Reception, Best Award Ceremony, Multicultural Business & Career Expo, International Kids Festival, Christmas Lights for Underprivieleged Children and others. In his spare time Sergey enjoys traveling and photography.

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