Meaningful Giving

Meaningful Giving
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Becoming a socially responsible business and helping build a healthy community is a “renewable source of good energy” not only for a company, but also for one’s own life.

Welcome to the paradox of successful giving – a new socially responsible business movement that allowed local mavericks take their trade to a whole new level.

Following this principle is exactly how local mavericks of the socially responsible business movement have been able to take their trade to a whole new level of success.

They sincerely believe in being a source of goodness and enjoy the act of giving in and of itself, without expecting anything in return.

Take for example Joshua Paul – the owner of Chick-fil-A, a busy restaurant near Arden Fair that serves healthy meals, primarily salads and chicken at “recession-proof” prices.

“Building the community is what I do for marketing” – says Joshua.

Over the years he has contributed to virtually every important cause in the Russian-speaking community along with Asian and Hispanic.

His restaurant has donated thousands of meals to foster and underprivileged children at “Christmas Lights” and “Bright Christmas” – annual charity events organized by the Council For Cross Cultural Affairs with support of Russian American Media. Thanks to givers like him, thousands of underprivileged children anticipate these two charity events.

“The Christmas presents that we give to them are all they get as far as expressions of love and care during this special holiday season. It is a real honor to give back to the community in such a meaningful way.” – says Joshua Paul.

According to him, Chick-fil-A’s market share in the ethnic communities has been expanding proportionally to his giving and community-building activities.

Nonetheless, this pragmatic giving strategy is driven first and foremost by heart-felt values that the owner of Chick-fil-A carries through life as his family legacy.

Joshua’s parents adopted five foster kids after raising their own children. Suddenly, at the age of 18 Joshua became a big brother. His five new siblings needed all the love and support in the world, after the emotional trauma they had experienced at an early age.

The youngest of the brothers was only one month old when social workers removed him from his mother who was suffering from drug addiction and sexual exploitation.

“The youngest of my new brothers was so sick at the time of adoption no one thought he would make it. He was born with cocaine in his blood.  Now, 11 years later he is a healthy, athletic kid who loves life and does great in school”, there is happiness in Joshua’s voice when he talks about his family values.

“My Dad always told us: if you are not willing to help the community, you shouldn’t be in the community.   I feel incredibly happy and privileged to be in a position, where I can give in such a meaningful way. Everyone needs fresh and healthy food on a daily basis. What is better than this to give?“

Joshua Paul believes, that a lot of problems in our society can be solved if they are addressed at an early age. Building a relationship of trust between children and law enforcement offices is one such critically important area, because “kids shouldn’t be afraid of police and should know how to ask for help and protection when they feel threatened or abused”.

His restaurant contributes to the Sacramento Sheriff Department and community events where children get to spend time and make friends with police officers.

For example at the “International Kids Festival”  kids get to play with actual-size police cars and find out that officers are friendly to kids – they are loving parents too.

Joshua Paul is a true maverick of the socially responsible business movement in Sacramento who seems to have found a perfect way to blend pragmatism and compassion.

Fortunately, he doesn’t have to be the only one who benefits from such a mighty approach.

Becoming a socially responsible business and helping to build a healthy community for all is a “renewable source of good energy” not just for a company, but also for one’s own life.

The story could end here, but there is still something important that needs to be said: it is utterly amazing to learn about the impact that adoption by Joshua’s parents had on the lives of 5 young boys.

What if your life has a potential for a higher purpose? What if becoming an adoption family means saving that one soul for the sake of whom a truly caring shepherd must leave the entire flock behind?

If this feels like a right choice for your life path, we would like to let you know about a unique non-profit cause run by friend of Russian American Media in Ukraine Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko: is a place where you can learn about this inspiring project that saves homeless kids in Slavic countries.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-tzu. May be today is the day for you to make it?



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