Aleksandr Klimushkin Professional Medical Profile


As a young man, Alexander became passionate about becoming a dentist and opening his own dental clinic. It was an ambitious goal for a boy raised in an immigrant family that had no financial ability to support their son through a dental school, let alone provide the starting capital for his own practice.

Financial uncertainty did not prevent Alexander from reaching for his dream. Neither did years spent studying for a degree in dentistry. Alexander first graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a degree in Biological Science. He then followed his calling and applied to the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry that he graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. His graduation followed by years of work at some of the best dental clinics in California. However, Alexander did not settle for a good pay and a stable job. The young doctor decided to go all in and invest into his own practice.

This year Dr. Klimushkin opened My Dentist, a top-of-the line dental clinic in West Sacramento, which allows patients to get crowns and bridges done in the same day. Although Dr. Klimushkin realized his long-anticipated dream by opening his own office, he considers this achievement a milestone rather than a finish line. The doctor is working on building a loyal customer base by providing his new patients with some the best dental experience. “We focus on prevention and teach our patients how to maintain healthy teeth in order to avoid dental problems and costly procedures in future,” says Dr. Klimushkin. Alexander is a great example of dedication and perseverance that bring success despite any difficulties that appear along the way.

970 Sacramento Ave. West Sacramento, CA 95605



Lika Emelyanova

Russian Time Magazine Contributor

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